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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, i am booked on a cruise and just learned about the 14.50 per person per day auto gratuity. I’m asking you take and opinion o. How a flat rate gratuity exist ? Gratuity is based on costs accrued before taxes and fees. For easy numbers the tax and fees equate to roughly a little for than 40 percent of the total cost are taxes and fees, leaving 60 dollars of services. Am I thinking correctly that 18 percent or 20 percent should be based on pre tax and fees. On the flip side if your rate to cruise is very high and 14.50 is not enough to cover 18 percent of the costs before taxes and fees you should leave more. my total trip for two is costing roughly 700 for 6 nights - 40% taxes and fees equals 280 700-280= 420 20 percent of 420 is 84 dollars RC is auto adding 174 at 14.50 per two guests a day I find it incredibly wrong for me to have to wait at guest services to correct the amount that should be left
  2. Maybe someone has already started another thread. If so, just merge this one into the existing one, please. I have been reading on CC that for all specialty dining reservations made on the ship, they are now charging an 18% grat on top of the cost of the meal. So far, at least, it seems to be only for reservations made on the ship and does not apply to dining packages pre-purchased, but if this is the new "rule" I would expect that to change soon. It is my understanding that the gratuity has always existed, but that it was being included in the overall charge for the meal. Now it is being added on TOP of the existing cost. This doesn't surprise me in the least and I have been expecting it but it is still just another step on the path headed in the wrong direction, IMO. I find the price of specialty restaurants to be exorbitant already and this just makes the insane.
  3. It's our 1st cruise coming up. Are we really going to be charged $12.95 per day gratuity for our 10 year old and our 3 year old? I have read where you can opt out of gratuities if you want. Is it bad cruise ship etiquette to opt out of paying $26.00 per day gratuities for 2 young children?
  4. First time cruiser and I wanted to find out the true cost of the alcohol packages. On the website it states the Ultimate Package is $59, the Premium is $49, the Select $39. Does that include gratuity? Or will they take the price multiply it by the number of nights then add 18%? Thanks for your input!
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