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  1. Thank you very much for this specific information! It has been very helpful!
  2. We are first time cruisers and have booked a cruise on the Allure of the Seas in the Sky Class. We would like to know more about the complimentary alcohol that the gold card holders currently receive?
  3. Thank you for your information! It seems every time I call RC they give me different answers, so that is why I joined this blog. THANK YOU!
  4. Thank you for your input. Every time I call RC with detailed questions I get different answers from different people. I have been told by one person that we would need to purchase an alcohol package because Sky Class has no complimentary alcohol. I have also been told that for Sky Class it is only available during the 2 hours in the Suite Lounge prior to dinner. The website states Star Class receives the complimentary Unlimited Beverage Package, while it only lists bottled water for the Sky Class. When I called RC today they told me that the Beverage Package price did not include gratuity. So the Ultimate Package would be $59(7night)=$413 + 18%=$487.34. This contradicted what I had read on this blog that it was included. I don't understand why RC isn't more upfront about these costs. Would like to know for sure how all this works before we cruise. Thank you!
  5. Is it true that the Sky Class guests only receive complimentary alcohol in the Suite Lounge during the 2 hour window before dinner? And Sky Class guests would have to purchase alcohol in the Coastal Kitchen?
  6. First time cruiser and I wanted to find out the true cost of the alcohol packages. On the website it states the Ultimate Package is $59, the Premium is $49, the Select $39. Does that include gratuity? Or will they take the price multiply it by the number of nights then add 18%? Thanks for your input!
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