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  1. I am looking at excursions for Falmouth and Cozumel. It is our first cruise in April. Nothing in jamaica seems to excite me except possibly Blue Waters Beach or Jewel Beach Break AI. Leaning towards Jewel bc I think my boys will love the water park option. Do they have cabana rentals? I am also trying to decide between Jaguar Bus, Bike and Beach or Mr. Sanchos! In Labadee I was thinking of the dragons breath flight line and Amiga Island experience. Any thoughts or tips appreciated! Michele
  2. Are these starting in May? What about during our cruise in April?
  3. Well am i considered royal suite class? Are these new amenities that start in may? Our Cruise is in april. It looks like I don't have to pay for internet, beverage or specialty dining?? Why does it let you make reservations for all that then? The first suite benefits link doesn't work
  4. So I don't need a beverage package? Where can i find all these benefits listed? We ended up going with the Loft Suites because there was more room and they had two full baths. Hot tub was a big pull too!
  5. Do you know what the hours are? I feel like it wasn't available all day?
  6. What is the difference between the royal loft and the aqua theatre suites? Do they have different amenities? Does the upper bedroom have a pull out bed also? Trying to determine between these two suite choices. Thank you.
  7. Hi there and thanks in advance for your help! I am cruising in four weeks with a 6mth old, 9 and 13 yr old and my mother who is just recovery from cancer treatment and a broken ankle, we will be celebrating her birthday and she is also has an autoimmune disease so she can tire easily. Cancer and broken ankle happened after the cruise was booked. We are doing the western cruise to jamaica, cozumel and haiti. We do have an aqua suite on the oasis. I'm really struggling with what excursions would be good for all involved, what is close to the ship and what would be exciting for my kids as well. My sister will be along (mom to infant) so we will have two very able bodied adults! Also, has anyone left infants in the royal nursery or used the sitter service while on excursions? I'm becoming a bit overwhelmed with all the planning and meal reservations etc. Thanks in advance!
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