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Found 4 results

  1. I understand that Matt's Blog explains that exercising CWC will result in a FCC (excerpt below). How long does it take to get a FCC? My TA is saying 45 days, but didn't @Matt just use it on his Alaska cruise and only pushed the cruise out just one week? We are scheduled to cruise next Friday on the Ovation (Jun 24th), but Ceil is having emergency surgery today. We made need to use the CWC option early next week. Will it really take 45 days to get the FCC?
  2. Has anyone had any issues with RC not calculating credits correctly? I have now booked a total of 4 cruises - 3 of which have canceled, and crossing my fingers we can go on the one in September. I have a whole spreadsheet of charges, credits, and refunds, all color coded to connect to each other so I can keep track of what was used and what wasn't. I have called multiple times to speak with a representative only to be on the phone for 2 hours going back and forth with multiple agents saying they can't see certain items, or that they need to transfer me to another department. I need to speak with an agent or supervisor who can see EVERYTHING. I have one cancelled cruise that is a group booking, I've got Onboard Credit certificates, regular cruises, so who or what department can I go to that can actually help me in one sitting? I'm so fed up!
  3. Anyone know if the 125% return on FCC includes pre-paid purchases such as excursions, dining/drink packages? Or are those given back at 100% OBC or credit card refund?
  4. .Question about 125% cruise credit. I have an August cruise booked.. let’s say it’s canceled and I take the FCC. For easy numbers sake, my 1000 becomes 1250 credit. If I book a November cruise and it is also canceled does this policy continue on? If I then upgrade to a 2000 cruise (paying the 750 in addition), and if that is canceled do I end up with 2500 FCC? I’m coming to terms on the possibility of the August cruise being canceled and trying to decide if booking something shortly after would be smart. Thanks ?
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