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Found 7 results

  1. I know that different ships/itineraries have different earliest boarding times (apparently in part impacted by when the prior cruise completes). I'm cruising out of Miami on Freedom on the 29th and have been trying to determine what time is the earliest boarding time. The on-line system gave me 1PM, but I suspect there is earlier that might not have been available. I'm Platinum and staying in a Junior Suite (so no real check-in perks). FWIW, I tried calling C&A support but they claim said they have no visibility into ship boarding times. I believe our ship arrives in Miami the day before our cruise so not sure why it would have just afternoon boarding. Has anyone gotten on Freedom in the last year in the AM?
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm traveling to Bahamas with my wife on the end of August. Since it is peak summer we are not sure if renting a south beach bed. Hope to read your comments! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I am sailing end of July 2023 and was wondering if there are any theme nights that we know about? I am on a 4 night sailing on Freedom of the Seas. Thanks I’m advance!
  4. Heard a rumor that @Mattwill be on the Freedom of the Seas in the near future and I’m hoping he can post the menus from the main dining room here! actually, anyone on the Freedom could post it : Here’s the link to podcast episode 411, and the included rumor! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/podcast/episode-411-adventure-of-the-seas-2021-cruise-review
  5. Hey Guys, I haven't been on in awhile but wanted to give you guys some peeks into Freedom since this is its first cruise after being amped. For those on Periscope I have been doing some posting there too. But there are somethings I know you guys love that cant be easily put on there. Yesterday was a good day. When we got on they gave everyone a glass of bubbles (If you were lucky you could also get more :)). Since the ship had been in port for a few days it was available right away. We were also able to board right away. Sadly, the rooms weren't updated and ours had a leak in the shower. Some changes are subtle and some are huge. (More ship photos to come or check out my scopes) After touring for the morning ended up at Lime and Coconut for a Lava Flow. After that they had some free shots in the promenade so I had to get in on that. Little sample shots, but hey, they are free lol. Then we just pretty much relaxed, explored a little and went to dinner (Food photos will be in my next post). Not too much was going on as it was raining out. The coolest part of the balloon drop was when the new addition of a platform that comes down from the ceiling. (Will need to find a good way to post the video) For a ship that was practically sold out online, it is very empty. Super easy to find spots in the windjammer, not many lines, dinner was also pretty empty. After that we pretty much just relaxed and toured the trip until dinner time. (Food post to follow) Everything has been pretty nice. Many of the staff do seem brand new though but are fighting their way through it pretty well. The ship does feel empty though since it was sold out online prior to sailing. Many people have been saying their bids were won around the minimum. It was super easy to get a table at dinner time, the MDR was empty except for window seats. I think a lot of people didn't make it due to the virus. (Not gonna stop me though lol). I did forget to get some photos while I was scoping yesterday so will try to get those to post. I also need to find a good way to post the video of the balloon drop I took because they added a cool feature where the cruise director is on a platform that dropped from the ceiling (don't remember that from before). Let me know if there is anything you guys really want to see and I will try and get it.
  6. Hello there, We are taking our first cruise ever and one of the stop is Barbados. What are the best shore excursions to do while there for a day? We were thinking of going on our own for Harrison Caves and Flower Garden and then booking Glory Tours for swim with turtles adventure? Anything else we should do or explore or any helpful itinerary for a day would be helpful? Thanks,
  7. Hello , me and my husband are first time cruisers and we are taking cruise this December of 2019 to southern Caribbean. If we can get help with some itineraries and must do shore excursion for (St Lucia , St Kitty , St, Marteen , Antigua and Barbados) then it will be helpful. Additionally it is worth buying the shore excursion that Royal Caribbean has to offer or is it better to plan your own excursion each day. Your help will be appreciated.
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