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Found 3 results

  1. According to CheapAir.com this is the best time to book/purchase international flights. (2022 study) What do you think? CheapAir Survey
  2. Hi all, I don't have any upcoming cruise set yet ( ? ) but regardless of when I finally book cruise #4, I and my mother will have to fly since we live in Illinois. And it's a struggle! After dealing with conforming to shrinking plane carry-on measurements, checked-bag weight restrictions, transport to and from the airport, hotel costs, food for the night before and hotel to port costs we're often stressed and already pretty monetarily spent before even setting foot on the ship! But I want to take advantage of some of the cost saving tips I keep hearing about (like bringing your own wine or canned beverages on board or buying toiletries in the port city instead before)...but the idea of spending that much on ubers after all of the above costs, really makes me hesitant. So I come to you, seasoned cruisers, to ask - what are your tips to make flying to the port easier and cost effective? Do you do those other cost saving tips? How? Do you have other cost saving tips? Some things we already do: - We both have TSA pre-check to cut stress - We both have 1 free checked bag on the airline we choose so we save about $50 total on choosing to check a bag - We opt for AirBnB's over hotels when the cost is better usually saving $100 / night on lodging
  3. We will be sailing on Adventure of the Seas in May. We leave from San Juan and end in New York... Before I spend hours on the phone with RCCL My question is this... We will be spending 1 night after our cruise in New York. My husband booked us a hotel way over by LaGuardia. if we pay for the transfer, can RCCL send our big luggage over to the airport if the flight isn't until the next day? Im trying to prevent having to leave the port terminal, go all the way over by LaGuardia to drop luggage at the hotel and then go back over to Manhattan to sightsee. Especially since a taxi there is over $100! ? before you ask...the Hubs won't rebook closer to the sights. Major point of aggravation for me. HELP ME PLEASE!!
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