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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone ever used this? What is the amount of the discount?
  2. Not new to Royal, but have a few questions regarding the dining packages, the soda package, and the internet packages for a 7 day cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. I understand there are different Voom plans. Is there one for 4 devices? What do they normally run, for a 7 day? Do they ever discount the prices at all? How much have you seen a discount for the soda package? How much have you seen a discount for the 3-night dining package? I know at least one of the replies to this thread will include "It may vary", however I consider myself a statistician, so I like knowing what the best case scenario could be. Thanks in advance for the assistance!
  3. I've got 2 cruises I'd like to book... 12 day fall of 2020 and 7 day spring of 2021 (with family 3rd/4th but maybe no under 12 free kids) Current promo is over Thursday and we are sailing on Saturday. What would you do?
  4. Hi - How soon before s cruise starts does RCCL stop sending out amenity discount offers via email? We have received a new offer for 30% off refreshment package, 25% of shore excursions, etc., but I would like to know how long I can wait to purchase. Also, do the discounts in these offers get any deeper closer to cruise start date? We sail on Freedom o/t Seas May 6-12. Thanks!
  5. I recently went on a five night cruise in the Western Caribbean. I love going to the spa and I was fortunate enough to find an amazing therapist named Carol. My husband and I booked a treatment everyday for a total of five and purchased $450 worth of products. There was a discount available of 10% off the first service, 20% off the second service, and 30% off of the third one. When I reviewed my bill after dinner on the last night I found that none of the discounts were applied to any of my services. Guest services was no help and claimed I would have to contact the spa manager in the morning (because I have nothing better to do the morning we get off the boat, lol.) We typically are amongst the first to get off the ship and we always carry our bags off ourselves. Any seasoned cruiser understands the valuable time this saves! We were unable to do this on this particular occasion because we had to wait for the spa to open. At 7 AM we spoke with the assistant manager and explained the situation. We were told that he would apply the discounts as soon as we got off the phone and he apologized. We went to customer service to print a copy of our final bill only to find none of the discounts promised were applied. Of course they could not help us at customer service, so we had to call the spa directly. We eventually got on the phone with the spa manager "Boris." He claimed he knew nothing about our situation and there was nothing he could do it this time because billing for the spa was "closed." We were given a generic email address (to a third party company who are the onboard operators of the spa) and told to write and explain why we feel we are entitled to the discounts. I was told they typically respond with a decision in 4 to 6 weeks! This entire process took us almost 2 hours and ended with no resolution. We also had to exit the ship with thousands of other travelers and it took us over two hours to do so. What a nightmare. According to my calculations, we are owed over $400 and I am going to have to wait for their decision??? I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this process. It is unbelievable that I am responsible for chasing down money that is owed to me because of their error. This may be the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I am a long time Royal Caribbean traveler and I have been fiercely loyal to this cruise line. This entire situation has me rethinking my continued travels with them. Perhaps it's time to try something new!?!?
  6. We just go back from our cruise and still get conflicting information on whether our $$ off casino certificates can be combined with casino VIP rates. On the ship, the Casino Host said yes along with another guest I spoke with. On my last call with RCL casino line they said no. What I have found out is on your last cruise if you get to 1,000 or 1,500 points (depends on ship our Casino Host said), you get the Casino VIP sticker for free drinks in the casino and the 5% convenience fee is waived for cash from Day 1 of the cruise. IN addition, we received our certificates in our room the next to last night and they based what we had in points so far to "guess" what we would get to after the second night. If we were higher they would change in the certificate. Now comes the real test - whether certificates and discounts can be combined! If not, I will just book with the casino rate from now on since that is more $$ off than the certificates get us. I will keep everyone posted!
  7. Royal used to offer discounts based upon the location that you lived. Are there really discounts based upon location any longer? Additionally they offer discounts for Miltary, EMS, Police, FIre, Why not TEACHERS?
  8. Has anyone booked their next cruise while cruising? They advertise incentives, but are they worth it? We are sailing in one month and want to sail again in 2018. Is it smart to book while onboard or can I find a better deal elsewhere? :D
  9. I am a C&A gold member, and had a couple of questions as I haven't been on RCL cruise for 5 years now. There is mention of coupons for drink specials, etc. Where can I find these? What is the likelihood of being upgraded to a suite? Currently in Oceanview Balcony Stateroom. Can someone share experiences who are also a gold member? I understand they upgrade higher class members first. What other discounts/benefits should I be taking advantage of? I have read the C&A members page, but there is limited information. Thanks in advance!
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