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Found 3 results

  1. Unfortunately, We were part of a Covid outbreak last week on our April 30th - May 7th Symphony of The Seas cruise. If you're curious to see how that went, here's the video of what all when on behind the scenes and how Royal Caribbean handled it. https://youtu.be/lErcDoCMZ44
  2. Captain just announced via the intercom in our room some fully vaccinated crew has tested positive for Covid 19 and have been quarantined. He did not disclose the number. The weekly testing of crew revealed this he stated. They are canceling shows going forward and contact tracing. We stop in Curacao tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if they let us still visit. While there is no smoking in the casino everything on board seems normal, the suite concierge is missing since last night fingers crossed she isn't a positive case. Otherwise, everything else is packed with little social distancing. My line dancing class yesterday had us tripping over each other. 270 every table in use, making the most of our Holiday sailing. On another happier note I found two cruising ducks. They bring me joy.
  3. I saw something disgusting last night, in the elevator. A young gentleman, in his 20s (I am guessing) not only couldn't manage to put his mask over his mouth or nose, but was sucking on his key card! (I mean it was all the way in and out of his mouth, like a lollipop.) I could only watch in horror, thinking about the poor unsuspecting staff member who may touch it next! If that guy doesn't care about his health, that is one thing, but to endanger an innocent person who may touch it and get sick (a cold or anything that can be passed by saliva) is another issue all together! No hand sanitizer will help in this case!
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