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Found 4 results

  1. During the last few months there were many questions and new post around the casino “free cruises” system , how it is working and how to use it. Here is the information I gathered and the way I understand it , feel free to add to it /correct me. Club Royale which is the name of the Royal Caribbean casino loyalty plan offers three different kind of free cruise offers/certificates: Annual cruise – Any one that is qualify to one of the three tree upper loyalty tiers are entitled for Annual cruise: Prime (2500 to 24999 points) – Inside cabin. Signature -(25000 – 99999 points) – Balcony. Master – (100000+ points) – Grand suite. The Annual cruise can be booked from mid-April to end of March on the next casino year you got qualified for the tier. For example, if you got to be Prefer at December 2022 you will be entitle for the free cruise from April 2023 to March 2024. The current offer is good for any 7 nights (or less) cruise with some blackout dates (like holidays) and not available on the newest ships (like Icon). Instance certificate- During a cruise you can get two kind of certificates : 1 – instance certificate for people that cruised in the past and played in the casino , this certificate might be in your cabin at the first day of the current cruise and based on your pervious cruise level of playing in the casino. Many time people are not getting it and there is not any clear rule who gets it and who not. 2 – instance certificate at the end of the cruise which you will get based on your play at the current cruise and the points you accumulate. It can start from low as 1500 points up to 25000 points for a Grand suite and 2000 free play. The number of points that are required for getting discounts/free cruise can change from cruise to cruise so its better to verify it while you are on the cruise(you will have the information in the Casino host desk). On the night before the last night of the cruise or during the last day ,your casino host will send your room the certificate. If you continued to gamble during the last day you can ask the host later to re print you a new certificate incase you past some point threshold (for example you got certificate for 4000 points and you now have 5000) . Free play – The current on board certificates also can includes some free play for the cruise you will book with this offer , to be entitle to get it you must book the cruise using next cruise option. To make it simple, if you think you are entitled for a free cruise and a free play you can go to the next cruise location and book your specific cruise from the offer list or book a wildcard next cruise (which is good for booking any cruise) and use it later to book the cruise you choose .Such booking need to be done no later then 30 days after your cruise (please note it used to be 7 days so better to check it every time). If you failed to book it in 30 days , you can still use the next cruise open booking to book a cruise up to one year but you will not get the free play. To get the list of cruises you can choose from or ask of the host can print it or (And much better) wait a day or 2 and check for the offer in the club royal offers site - clubroyaleoffers.com enter your last name and C&A number to check for the offer name number , it will show you all the different itinerary you can choose from. Mail/club royale ite offers - From time to time Club Royal can send offers using snail mail , emails or just load it to the club offers site (clubroyaleoffers.com). The Logic / algorithm behind the system of who gets the offers is really not clear , mainly I guess its 10% based on player activity, 5 % last cruise points accumulation , 5% reviewing customer current booked cruises and 80% using voodoo . The number of offers and number of cabins available is based on current not sells cabins status and inventory , the speculation is that RCL using this kind of offers to fill up empty cabins. In other words , successful selling efforts = less comped casino offers. There are few things that might impact receiving offers such as wrong email (the usual excuse), two accounts which are using the same email (for example if you opened account for a family member and use your email), already heaving many offers booked and not being a us resident). Q&A (as per my understanding the program): · What do I need to pay ? – IF it is fully comped cruise you will need to pay only port fees and taxes. · Can I add people to the free cabin offer ? – Yes , usually offers are for two (although lately they came up with single person offer) you can add more people to the cabin but it will be most likely with full price. · Can I use the offer to use on a cruise which is not in the list ? – Some of the offers/certificate comes with dollar values, with this kind of offers/certificates you can ask to use the dollar value for another cruise (but usually without many discounts so not all the time it will be cheaper than just book a regular cruise). · Can I give the certificate to someone else ? – No the certificate is not transferable. · Can I upgrade an offer/certificate – Yes you can try to upgrade , most of the time the upgrade will cost the casino rate differences between the upgraded cabin and the cabin in the offer, sometimes the price might surprise you (for both directions). · Can my travel agent book the offer for me – Yes , but take into consideration , as far as I understand that most likely the commission the TA is getting for such booking is much less · Do I get C&A points for a casino comp cruise? – Yes, you are getting full C&A points including double points for being in suite. · Can I combined offers for a better offer – Yes, sometime , depends who you are asking but only if the offer is of the same kind (like two annual offers) . Its always good to try. · How I am getting the free play ? – During the first day of the cruise when the Casino is open go to the casino cashier and ask to use the free points , they will load it to your account. · Are free casino cruise entitle for royal up offers ? - Yes most of the time you will get the Royal Up offer. As always , play for fun not for the offers
  2. I was on a cruise last week (feb 2020) and got my club royale prime membership. I want to ask if my prime status ends on march 31 this year and resets to zero or is it valid Until next year which is march 31, 2021? Thanks!!
  3. I wonder if there are any Club Royale members out there who have received any information on the new casino rewards program ? What little information I have received has been both contradictory and fuzzy. I understand the new program will have a tiered rewards hierarchy. That's about all I know for sure. I have heard that it was going to start in March but was delayed. I've heard lots of conflicting information on what is being retained from the old program and what is new. I have heard that there is a rather nebulous process by which we are all being "grandfathered" into some appropriate (according to what criteria...who knows) tier level based on past wagering history over some arbitrary period of time (1 year, 2 years ???). I've heard that they are retaining the existing cruise discount reward policy (basically 20% off) for some period of time but may eliminate it in the future. I've been told that waiving the 5% convenience fee for getting money at the table (or at the cage) would be retained regardless of your tier level (that came directly from a Club Royale representative on the phone). All or none of these things may be true. Does anyone know anything ?
  4. Has anyone received an offer/flyer for the 2017 BBQ beach bash?
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