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Found 8 results

  1. Hey We have kids 6&7. We are sailing a back to back on the Icon of the Seas in Sept. This will be our first cruise. 1st week - We plan to do the first week in the MDR with kids and go to all the shows. 2nd week - We have unlimited dining and will be trying the specialities (Chops, Hibaci, Giovannis, Hooked) with kids as well, or give them the option to go to kids club (up to them) We would like to go to book in Chefs Table and Empire Supper Club without the kids, it would be wasted on them, and they wouldn't enjoy it. Our question for parents .... If booking time is 5:30pm for Chefs table and 6:00 Empire and Adventure Ocean only opens at 7:00pm How have parents handled this in the past? Are there any other options? Are these places, just not an option for us
  2. Hi, I'm booked on an upcoming Ovation cruise during its Australian season I and 11 friends are booked into Chefs Table Can we add another course, that of cheese plate? I expect to pay additional of course
  3. Sailing on Allure of The Seas in March. Decided to do the Chefs Table. What is Formal Wear considered for Chefs Table? Tux or suit n tie??
  4. My husband and I are going on a 4 night cruise (boarding day, Sea Day, Cozumel, Sea day) - Which of those days would you all suggest is the best day to do a dinner at Chefs Table? This is our first ever cruise and I am clueless about what to expect each day.
  5. Some things we want to share from our last two cruises (Ovation 9/3/21 & Oasis 10/3/21): 1. C&A Diamond awards 4 drinks daily; they can be redeemed at any bar on the ship, as they do not want you to congregate at the Diamond lounge from 5-8 pm (post-COVID precaution). That being said, there was no reason for us to go to the Diamond Lounge other than the espresso machine; they never seemed to have any snacks like they used to ...beyond a few cookies, nor were there other members with whom to visit. 2. We were Star class on Oasis last week which included the drink package. Two drawbacks here: a. We were in the casino getting some nice wine when the bartender commented that it was better that he used our Prime casino status rather than charge us the extra amount over the $13 beverage package limit (Star Class w/ free bev pack). b. We ate at the Chef's Table (traditionally anywhere from $55-$95 pp, depending on the ship, for BOTH the meal & the wine pairings). The Chef's Table was stated as free with Star Class, HOWEVER, this turned out to be just for the food....they charged us $88 extra for the drink, as they said the wine pairing was not included in OUR Chef's Table, and the beverage package only allowed up to the $13 per glass of wine & desert martini...interesting. Now we just stop at the casino on the way to dinner to avoid the ">$13" fee for anything suspected as pricey or considered special and order standard drinks anywhere else on the ship under the Diamond drinks option. This seems to take care of our needs on the cruises from now on!
  6. Hello All, I was looking at possibly booking the Chefs Table for our sailing in October. Can anyone tell me if the menu RC posts on their website is the same menu every day or is it just an example? Also those who have experienced it, how much have you paid for it... i.e. what should i keep my eye out for on the Cruise Planner for a good deal? TIA
  7. I know that the Chefs Table is themed around the pairing of the wines with the food, but do they allow minors to attend and just miss out on the wine part? My 14-year old daughter is a major foodie, and I know she'd love the chance to try this out. I was looking at the description in the cruise planner, but surprisingly there are no restrictions listed as far as ages allowed or anything else. If they don't allow minors, I'll be looking at trying this out on my own, if at all. My wife doesn't eat fish and doesn't drink wine, so bringing her along would be an overall poor experience for her, and my other daughter isn't as adventuresome in the food department as the younger one. Would have to see at that point how the rest of the family would feel about me having dinner without them while they went to the MDR or maybe did a specialty restaurant of their own.
  8. I'm having a scheduling conflict. Only one way to solve it. I want to book a dining package and I want to book Chef's Table. My wife wants to make an appearance in the MDR on the first night and do CT on the second night. With this, the dining package wont work. UNLESS. . . Can Chef's Table be used as one of the restaurants in the dining package?
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