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Found 7 results

  1. How difficult or easy have people found it to get an early check-in time when check-in opens at 45 days? And what is the closest someone has had towards cruise day to get your room assignment on a GTY. Especially if you want to partake in the Royal Up program. Thanks
  2. For anyone who has checked in recently, does it open at midnight or let's say at 6 in the morning? Specifically was it the same date that was originally on the app for check in. Trying to decide if I stay up till midnight to check in or get up early to do it.
  3. So, our party of 7 will be going out of Port Miami and we are trying to figure out the timing of things. From "best estimates" it will take about hour to go from our hotel in Fort Lauderdale to the port. Since we know we have to adhere to the check in time of 1:00 to 1:30 PM, we plan to be picked up between 11:45 AM and noon, to allow for any hiccups along the way and to make sure we are there by 1:30 PM. Should our ride arrive early, where do we get to "stand and wait"? Is there a place? We picked the earliest check in time offered to us, but not sure if any check in times were earlier. Any knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Is there any place on the ships that would have "free internet" where you can check in for your flight the day before flying? I wasn't sure if the terminals in the library/gameroom/internet room had the ability like many hotels do to check in and print boarding passes. Not looking to print the boarding pass, but just want to check in for our Southwest flights. If there isn't then we will just add early bird to the flights coming home and be done with it. We don't want/need any VOOM package for anything other than this and our last full cruise day is a sea day. Thanks!
  5. received several notification regarding the need to complete the check in process for our upcoming cruise at thr 24th of august, but now, upon trying to do so, i received the following notice: is this a temporary problem?
  6. Get ready for more changes. In Nov we are going on the Anthem and they have a whole set of new things when you check in. The main new thing is you have to supply a good (RC acceptable) head shot of yourself and all those cruising. And Crown and Anchor Loyals can not just arrive when they want. You are given specific times to board. It states that it will delay your boarding if you arrive at a different time. It appears check in (arrival) will look more like check out (departure). It will be done in small groups. Priority is given to wedding parties and I assume wheel chair cruisers. I didn't notice any priority for Crown and Anchor or Suite cruisers. We'll see how this plays out. This appears to be more of a security thing or maybe just tightening up the boarding process. There were more things but the above seemed the major ones. It's getting harder to check in. This looks like they will be rolling this new boarding procedure to the fleet.
  7. Any one have tips on how to beat the queues. Its our first time on the independence and as she is so big we want to get on asap and start the good times.
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