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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a free upgrade from Royal Caribbean. See, I know this sounds weird because nothing in life is free, but me and my boyfriend are going on our second Royal Caribbean cruise together and since we are still young in our early 20’s we booked the cheapest room possible. We booked a guaranteed interior room, hence an interior room and they can put us wherever they want. Though, just yesterday I received our cruise documents that had our room number on it. I looked up the room on Royal Caribbeans deck plans for our ship, Navigator of the Seas, and our room is a Promenade View Interior, which is an upgrade from regular interior. We had no other charges put through our cards, and I know it is not based on a RoyalUp bid because RoyalUp sent me an email stating “the changes in my reservation have allowed me to bid on more rooms, and my previous bids have all been cancelled”. So, my question is has this happened to anyone else? Do I question it? Is it just luck?
  2. Hello! We booked 4 rooms on Freedom of the Seas MONTHs ago. We were very specific in the place, type, number (not "guaranteed") and other cabin detail when selecting them. Unfortunately, we have a situation where we booked a balcony cabin for 3 people. One is no longer able to attend. We're happy to pay for the room & 3 people. Even so we've been told by both the cruise line and our travel agent that because our room "sleeps 3" that if we drop to two people, we'll be moved to a "sleeps 2" cabin... none of which are balconies. Is this the reality of it? Or am I missing something? And if it is real, what are the best ways to keep our room? Thanks all!
  3. We are considering moving from an interior cabin to a Central Park VIEW room on Oasis. These aren't the ones with balconies, but are only on deck 9 with a window. To me they are similar to Royal Promenade View cabins on a Voyager Class ship. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/545005992390235584/?lp=true Has anyone stayed in these? Is there any noise from the restaurant or kitchen below? Any noise from Central Park? I have read conflicting reports with some saying the ambient restaurant music can be heard and runs 24 hrs, and others say no noise. I greatly appreciate it, and if you can report on any specific cabins you have stayed in that would be awesome. We are specifically considering 9231/9233. Thank you!
  4. When I go to book a cruise should I gave a backup cabin in mind or is it likely that i will have my pick when I book as soon as the schedule is released? I am looking for Ovation in 2019 autumn. I am a bit of a planner.
  5. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the cabins on Deck 10 AFT, D1 category, 1380-1392 or 1680-1692 on the Freedom class of ships? We have the option for a D1 cabin in that area of the ship but are a bit concerned being directly under the windjammer. It is appealing however because its on deck 10 in not such a busy area, away from elevators and more suites on this deck so maybe a bit quieter. The other options would be similar D1 cabin on deck 7 that would have cabins above and below us instead of the windjammer. Tried searching pictures of these cabins but can't seem to find any. Also, is there a way to figure out the bed arrangements on Freedom class ships? Is the bed always by the balcony or does it swap between being close to the balcony or close to the bathroom? Thanks for any help / advice.
  6. We have booked a category "G" oceanview cabin on Enchantment for next October (deck 4 BTW). Wanted to know if the bed in this cabin is right in front of the widow OR perpendicular to it? I can't seem to find an answer one way or the other. Thanks!
  7. We booked a deck 12 balcony cabin on the Navigator of the Seas. And since this is only our second cruise, and first balcony, I am trying to decide if this is a good location or if I should move it to someplace else? Like a midship on deck 8 or something? These cabins on deck 12 were added during the dry dock refurbishment in January 2014 I would love all the ideas anyone has to offer. Thanks!
  8. We are thinking about booking spring 2016 on the independence of the seas 4 day to Cozumel. I had seen some stuff about the cabin last year and for some reason it popped into my head last night. We need a short cruise for spring and we had already sailed the Enchantment so I didn't think royal would have much to offer But luckily the Independence is sailing some 3 and 4 night trips in 2016. I mentioned this to my travel agent to see if she had previously had any guests stay in the room or heard much about it. Well, I checked my email today and she had run a booking for me to hold the room on April 14, 2016! Awesome agent! Anyway what are your thoughts on the Independence and the cabin if you have stayed in it?
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