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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone been to a "Crown & Anchor Top Tier Event" lately? When we first started cruising I remember showing up for a few of these event items. Captains Meet and Greet, etc. They seemed to be basically a crowded room where you could have a little hors d'oeuvre and a drink on Royal. Sometimes there was an opportunity for some Q&A about upcoming Royal news. I haven't been to one in years, and not since making it to Diamond level at all. Are they the same as I remember? We have missed cruising these past few years and feel a bit like a newbie again, anxiously perusing the app and wanting to do it all!
  2. Hi, all. I had my first Royal Caribbean cruise in 2016 and was enrolled in the C&A club. I know that it's been a while, but we are wanting to book again, and when I tried to log in at the RC website, I got a message saying either my e-mail or my password are incorrect. So I clicked "forgot password" and then I get a message that either says "sorry for the hiccup - please try again later," or it tells me that my g-mail address is "not quite right." Did I lose the few points that I had forever? It was just 7, but its still 7 more than zero. My husband is also trying log in to his account and is getting the same results. Thanks in advance! Nichole
  3. We will be sailing Diamond for the first time in a couple weeks on Odyssey (20Mar2022). A few days ago I saw a post from @Matt about Royal bringing back some C&A benefits, and among them was the "Chef's Choice Gift/Amenity". I am guessing this is probably some additional/nicer treats other than the Welcome Aboard cookie plate we had been receiving under Emerald. Am I close to being right with my guess?
  4. Can C&A drink vouchers be used for smoothies or health drinks at the Vitality Spa? We're on our first cruise as Diamond next week on Odyssey, and was curious if anyone knew.
  5. So I was looking at cruises to start the new year and I noticed this under my number. It says C&A bonus but not what the bonus is. Is anyone else seeing this when they try to book....or better yet knows what the bonus is?
  6. Hello it is me the newbie asking your help I read lots lots of posting tried to follow and undertands but I still have some questions I would like to undertand how to get C&A deals for balcony and Suite this is how I see it #1 only platimium and ++ are available to see deals from C&A on royalcaribbean.com is that correct? #2 when I will be platinium I need to LOG into royalcaribbean.com site then find and plan for a cruise date do like I was to book and the price deal for the balcony will appear the C&A better price is that how to do it? #3 and when I am not log on I see the royal normal price. is that how it works? #4 I read in one of the post that there was special deals reveal on thurdays nite for C&A member only and they can have before other members is that correct? #5 when I book with TA do I have to always mention to her or him that I am platinium or ++++ and to verify for a better deal with C&A ? thank you very much ?
  7. My points from the Serenade of the Seas finally posted, only 6 days after disembarking. I am now officially Diamond Status after having achieved Platinum a decade ago and Emerald just last rear. Looking forward to the Diamond perks on the Allure in January and the Vision in June.
  8. I was thinking of making my son first or second passenger on our future cruises so that he can start accruing Crown and Anchor status. Will this work? Any pros or cons I should be aware of?
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