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Found 7 results

  1. My husband, 16 yo son, and I are sailing RC for thirst time on the Anthem in January. My son wants the soda and internet. I also want internet but I don’t really drink soda. My husband doesn’t want internet and would like the soda package, but is also fine without. Looking at the soda + Voom package seems to be the best deal if we get 2 of these packages my husband would get the soda and I would use the Internet. What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s the Voom that just lets you check your email or if you can stream. The name just says Voom but the description says stream your videos. Do these packages stay or should I book quickly in case it disappears?
  2. Hey everyone I bought the soda package on Black Friday ,but since then have found out that soda really messes me up so I've been trying to cancel it . However for some reason every time I press cancel it takes me to the review cancellation screen but there is no button to complete the cancellation. There is a button to cancel the cancellation but not to complete it. Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. Can anyone tell me the prices for like Soda and milk shakes and everything with out the boos. (I dont drink) I am thinking should I get the soda package for my 7 night cruise or just pay one by one. I am thinking it would be nice to just buy it so no worries but worry if I do that I would be over paying with the soda package.
  4. Cruising on Serenity of the Seas in April but haven't been on a cruise in years. I was wondering if a drink package is now a necessity or if there is still water,juice and coffee available for breakfast and water with dinner in the dining room?
  5. After reading some posts I’m confused about the soda drink package. Do I have to have the soda cup they give me with me anytime I want a soda ??? Won’t I have a stamp or something on my keycard showing I bought the plan?? Because that will be a real nuisance if I do!!
  6. I understand that the Freestyle Soda machine is Coke products. Do you know if Dasani Water is available on that machine too? Dasani is a Coke product and my youngest Granddaughter (Age 9) drinks mostly plain water. I got her the drink package as she would be the only one is our group of 9 that wouldn't have the "cute" cup and did not want to hear about that for 7 days
  7. If I get the soda package, do I need to carry the Coca-Cola cup to get soda?... Also on the Explorer of the Sea, do they have those nice cool looking machines ?? How do you get the soda.... Is there a CM there all the time? Does my kid need to carry his Sea card?
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