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Found 4 results

  1. I had a question regarding a price change with an interline rate. I’ve booked a cruise for October and had an interline rate applied. Recently I saw that the rate had decreased in price after my booking. I called Royal to see if they could either refund or match the price of many different interline websites. Their response was that “their” interline price has increased and could not do anything about the lower rate on the websites. Has anyone had this issue before? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, As per some of the advice in this group, I've been monitoring the price of my cruise like a hawk. I noticed that the price dropped on my trip so I took some screenshots and sent them to my travel agent. Is that the right thing to do? What happens when you do actually find a cheaper price? Is there financial reimbursement or OBC from RC?
  3. It seems that when I check my Alaska Southbound booking On SUNDAYS, the price of our stateroom (Owner's Suite) goes down considerably compared to checking on other days of the week. Since the time of our initial booking, I'm down over $1800, after taking into consideration the OBCs. Even though sales may or may not affect your particular sailing, still mock-up a booking for your exact sailing and stateroom category and see if your stateroom category price has DECREASED (make sure you consider the OBC). If it has, call or email your TA right away. Also, if you have used your OBCs in the cruise planner, may want to cancel and re-book those on your CC (BEFORE your TA re-books your stateroom) so you don't lose your excursion, dining, or spa rezis in the event you can re-book. We are 334 days from sailing.
  4. Hi There Royal Caribbean Blog Friends, Greetings from Hong Kong. Just recently we booked a ten-night South Pacific trip for March on Voyager of the Seas that leaves out of Australia. We booked through the online Royal Caribbean website which was an ok deal, now the price has dropped considerably. To get the better deal, should I contact Royal Caribbean directly by phone and ask them to apply the better pricing? Thank you for the help! Best Regards, The Food Guy James
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