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Found 5 results

  1. I am sailing to Bermuda at the end of September on Anthem of the seas, was wondering what currency does Bermuda use? Will they accept my cash or card? Or should I switch over my money to their currency? If I need to, do I have to do it before getting on the ship? Thanks
  2. What’s the currency on board the ships that sail from Sydney? Like will the price lists be in AUD or USD? cheers
  3. Our Cruise ship is arriving in Havana, Cuba on a Sunday. We will be doing a "Classic Car Tour" of Old Havana. Was wondering if there are places open on a Sunday where we can exchange our US Dollars, or is this something they offer on the Cruise Ships? Was told by someone that we could not exchange our $$$$ before leaving for our Trip. Any advise? Thanks~
  4. Question for Non US cruisers (and US cruisers with banking knowledge) I'm doing my online check-in (yey !!) and one of the questions always makes me wonder. For as long as I remember RCCL always is giving choice between two conversion options. My CC is charging 2% foreign conversion rate and I always select option B, but would like to have your opinion/advise on this subject
  5. My partner likes to collect foreign currency. He'd prefer to get "nice" looking bills/coins from banks of countries that he travels to. Does anyone else do this, and what has your experience been like on cruises? We'll be looking for: Nassau, Bahamas (Bahamanian Dollar) St. Maarten (Dutch Antillean Guilder) (He's not interested in the Euro). We've scouted out banks near port at each location, but are unsure JUST how difficult it'll be.
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