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    ValeriaGoodnom reacted to jopibaconpants in Symphony of the Seas booked!   
    My wife and I just booked the Symphony of the Seas cruise for December 8, 2018 going to St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Nassau on an Ocean View Balcony Room. I really wanted the Thanksgiving weekend, but Uncle Sam needs me to come in for duty. But nevertheless, I'm way too excited!
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    ValeriaGoodnom reacted to Matt in Fort Lauderdale Hotels--Newbie here   
    Can't speak for the shuttle service, but consider Priceline.com express deals
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    ValeriaGoodnom reacted to cruising diva in Cruising solo   
    After previous cruises with a companion, I will be cruising solo in a few months.  I would appreciate any insights, tips, warnings, or comments from former or current solo cruisers. Thanks!
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