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  1. Oh and warning...many RC agents on the phone do not know the policies. If you are not happy with an answer, speak to a supervisor.
  2. @Sweety I feel your pain! I envy people on this board that can take off for last minute deals and cruise anytime. @twangsterhow do you do it?? 5 cruises in the next 6 months! Love it! I am so jealous! People think teachers have it easy with the summers off but we work lots of unpaid hours and then when we can vacation it is during the peak seasons when the prices are sky high. 15 more years for me and then diamond plus here I come! Lol.
  3. Wow. Sorry to hear you are going through all of this. If the cruise was booked under your card then no one other than you should be able to make changes. And if you booked through RC and are calling from North America they should not be closed. I have called them many times on a Sunday. Maybe try again? Anyway, good luck with everything. Hope it works out for you.
  4. If you wanted something big in front of an audience another idea could be to do it at some point during the Love and Marriage game show. It usually takes place in the main theatre and is run usually by the cruise director and his/her staff so if you contacted the cruise director ahead of time they might be able to get you onstage at some point. Good luck!
  5. It means you can go into any show (except the comedy show) without a reservation and sit in either their sectioned off area or any other area of your choice (except those areas reserved for Star class). It's a great perk. When we were on Harmony there was an unexpected break down of equipment and basically all shows for the week had to be rearranged. Those that made reservations ahead of time had to scramble to re-book and some even missed the shows completely because they couldn't re-book it. With the suite benefits, we just walked right in. It made it worthwhile.
  6. Loved looking at all the pics this week. You have definitely motivated me to do WJ recon daily for my next cruise lol.
  7. Can't do the mock bookings online for this type of cabin. Normally you need at least 6 people to book it but anything over 4 people you have to call them to check. You cannot enter more than 4 guests online. And when you enter 4 guests online the royal family suite (or soon to be called 2 bdr grand suite) does not show up even if it is available. That's why I was hoping someone here might know. Typically this cabin type falls somewhere in price point between the Grand suite and Owner's suite. That's about all I know.
  8. That farewell party looks delicious! Do they always have that on the Oasis class ships? I have never seen that before.
  9. Lol! @rjac that's what I originally started with! But then I couldn't bring myself to go 8 nights without CK so we upgraded to a Family Junior Suite when they had Kids Sail Free. But I want back into Sky Class and the kids don't want to share a bed...first world problems, I know...
  10. Ok...to all the frequent suite cruisers out there...I'm trying to figure out if this is a good deal or not.... Suite prices did drop on my Anthem of the Seas sailing (March 9, 2018/8 nights). There are 4 of us going. 2 adults, 2 kids. Right now, I can get a Royal Family Suite (2 bdr, 2 baths) for $6409USD for all 4 of us. Is that a good deal? I don't even know because I have never booked that class of suites nor have I ever watched prices for that particular class either. All I know it that the exact same room was about $1000 higher last week and normally you need at least 6 to book this room but they will allow 4 of us in it. It is a March break sailing and it is for 8 nights....
  11. Lots of good details from @twangster...wanted to add that JS access to CK is for dinner only (still a great perk as I am also a huge fan of CK). Grand suite and above get all day access. Also, while you do get priority boarding with the JS, you do not get priority disembarkation. Are they worth it? It all depends what type of experience you are looking for and your reasons for booking a JS. If you are looking for a bit more space, a small upgrade in dining, or wanting to collect C&A points faster then it is worth it maybe depending on the price difference between that and a regular balcony room. However, of you are looking for a true suite experience then this is where the JS is lacking a bit. Royal had 3 suite classes: sea, sky, and star. JS is in Sea class and does not get many of the amenities that Sky class and above receive. So you are sort of getting a suite while missing out on many suite perks. Hope that helps a bit more too. Any other questions don't hesitate to ask. People are great here ?
  12. This topic has prompted me to do a quick Google search.... http://nationalpost.com/life/food/the-important-questions-should-you-tip-your-barista-and-if-so-how-much http://www.whototip.net/tipping-in-canada ? Not sure what kind of conclusion to draw....
  13. Same prices as the last cruise planner on mine for Anthem in March 2018. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a bigger discount come US Thanksgiving. I really want the Kennedy Space Center excursion to go on sale...
  14. Even more interesting is that maybe it varies different parts of Canada? @monctonguy I had to read this twice to make sure I read it correctly the first time. Born and raised in Southern Ontario, I always assumed we (Canadians) tipped less than Americans and I am surprised when I see a tip jar at the local Tim Horton's. I find this gratuities topic very eye opening.... And @rjac, @WAAAYTOOO, and @DocLC they had the WOW envelopes on Harmony in August. We used a few of them to give extra to a few crew members.
  15. I re-booked for a lower rate for my Anthem sailing too with a non-refundable fare. Did not change the ship or sail date though.
  16. I wouldn't worry about it. Our cruise in August said that right up until we left. Checked in fine once we arrived.
  17. Sorry...I cannot resist this one... @twangster...the new RoboMatt?? Lol. (see the post by @BrianAlt and @Matt) from People Connect
  18. There's still some risks with the Suite Guarantee....You could be the deck right under the pool deck (some people don't like that with the sound of deck chairs etc.) or you might end up near Adventure Ocean That's more risk than I can handle lol. In all seriousness though...I think it does make a difference and a suite guarantee does come with a little less risk.
  19. That makes 3 of us but I assumed mine was due to "Mommy brain" lol
  20. I will have to make use of that next cruise! I've always know that bottled water was included but thought the Evian was a separate package. Thank goodness for all of you and this site
  21. Wait a sec...so Evian water is included with the beverage package?? If so then I have been missing out!
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