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  1. I would absolutely do the 3 rooms together. We did this on Ovation in June for an Alaskan cruise and had 5 balcony rooms together. It was wonderful! It was like having a private hallway on the balconies to get to each room. we were on deck 8
  2. Call a couple weeks after the cruise and get their C&A number then...But don't wait for a long time...5 years ago we went on a family cruise and it was the first time on RC for a few of the kids...fast forward to 5 years and later and we are doing it again...one of the kids didn't have a C&A number and the parents had to prove that the child was on the cruise. They ended up sending a picture from formal night to prove she was there. Their other 2 kids had numbers...so weird, but all taken care of after a bit of work.
  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate you telling me who you work with. I know every TA has their strenghts and I love the TA you recommend has a lot of cruise experience. We just got off Ovation...such an amazing ship!
  4. Hi, I have worked with AAA in the past and my TA is leaving...I took this as a sign that it is time to move over to MEI Travel. Through listening to Matt and reading on this blog and I am really excited to make the switch. My husband and I have been on 10+ RC cruises. We are low maintenance and do a lot of research and then book online and transfer to our TA. I would love to work with someone that is really knowledgeable about cruising. My sister is also looking for one, so we would like to work with the same TA. Any suggestions? TIA! Katie
  5. My inlaws have booked an Alaskan cruise for the whole family. What cruise safe charging stations or powerstrips do you recommend. There will be a couple rooms with 3 teenagers and I know there will not be enough plugs for everyone. Thanks so much!! Katie
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