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  1. Hi Matt, I think it was about $70 Cayman dollars…I think a little more for the double one, but works out cheaper than paying two single ones. Well worth it…we loved it.
  2. Reef Gliding in Grand Cayman! OMG, this was the best thing my family and I have ever done! I think the company's name is Discovereef…they're right off the main road when you get to the port. My husband loves to snorkel, but I'm not a very good swimmer and my 4 year old doesn't swim at all. We were able to go snorkelling all together as a family because you lie face down on a boat like thing and look through the glass to see the bottom of the ocean. You don't have to go in the water and you don't have to swim…I didn't even get wet. My husband used his own and my son and I went on a double reef glider so that I could control it and my son could just lie there and see the reef. The boats go really slow, so no danger at all…and we were all wearing life vests. IT WAS THE BEST…my son is still talking about the stingrays and turtles he saw. We have to go back soon and do it again. :D Highly recommend for sure!
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