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  1. You can always use the credit card to have the holds placed on it, rather than tying up your bank account as a Debit card often does where the banks take forever to release the funds back to you, or just use cash. You can put the credit card to have the holds and then pay cash to settle the account before you debark the ship.
  2. Recently off the Navigator. We, wife and I, prepurchased the Digital Package. After going to the picture studio, we swiped my seapass card, as I was the one who purchased it, but it includes everyone in the cabin, similar to renting a beach bed or cabana, only 1 needs to purchase but everyone in the stateroom can use it. I was afraid of getting a USB Drive but you were asked to login to rccl.com and enter a special code that appears after you swipe your seapass card, just took a picture of it on my phone so I could set-up later back in the room. Downloading the pictures to my iPad was a breeze
  3. Yes, recently off the Navigator. Was able to FaceTime, WiFi Call, and use iMessages to family and friends all on the Voom Surf and Stream plan. We have Verizon Prepaid and they offer all those features.
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