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  1. Bad news! Just got off the Freedom and the plugs are actually non-working plugs UNLESS the bathroom light is on. So this eliminates the whole reason to bring them, at least to plug in the bathroom. We ended up plugging it into the outlet on the desk and put a Cruise Compass in front of it. Provided just enough light to see the room when making a "midnight run" but not originally as planned. I suppose the newer ships have switched outlets like above, because every other ship I've been on, we could use the outlets with the bathroom light off.
  2. I put duct tape on all my locks, ALL AROUND it. If it's been pulled off, or has rips or holes, someone has attempted to get in, if not...no one has been in. TSA is also supposed to leave a note in your luggage if they opened it up.
  3. I am interested! We will be there in 8 days (next Tuesday) and are considering either the Turtle Farm, Crystal Caves and/or snorkeling somewhere. Thank you in advance!
  4. I have a whole list of hacks I use/bring on cruises. My best one is to bring a night light. The your whole stateroom and bathroom is completely dark at night and the bathroom light is either off or fully, bright on..no in between. If you plug a small night light in the bathroom receptacle for shavers, it easily cures stubbed toes. The ONLY caveat is that you have to get one with NON polarized plugs. Polarized do not fit. Among other hacks, we bring clothes pins to keep the curtains honest...we like to sleep in, past sunrise and don't like the sun peaking in through the cracks in bet
  5. My last cruise on RCCL was also my last as a Gold member (now Platinum). Both my wife and I received coupons for drinks. I believe we both received one free alcohol drink, one free specialty coffee and one coupon for a certain percentage off of one drink (not sure what that percentage was). There were a few other things, I think one was a free spin on a machine in the casino, don't recall what the rest were.
  6. I love the fact that I can see the Cruise Compass for our up coming cruise. But how do I print all of the days out?
  7. We will be boarding when you are departing the Freedom. Hate those days, departing I mean.
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