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  1. maybe I'm not a drinker... okay, I'm definitely not a drinker, but can't they just blend a banana and add it a regular daiquiri?
  2. Another quick question... If we arrive back at the port of Miami at 730 am, how soon can we exit the ship? Approx. what time will we be through customs, outside and off? I am trying to make return travel plans.
  3. let me know how your research goes
  4. I'll have to ask then. thank you both for the info. Listening to Matt talk about them, I really want to try one, even though I'm not going to Labadee.
  5. this should be a quick question, so i will defer to the knowlege of the masses...... can i get a labadoozie on the ship?
  6. thanks Jane. we'll def do that
  7. its a once in a lifetime thing my mom asked for. when we go on Oasis next oct.... we're gonna fly
  8. our doesnt have a dining car. only a lounge. what food is available for lounge cars?
  9. hey all. we're 200 or so days til our cruise, and a question came up.... has anyone taken a long train ride to any port? we plan on taking one from raleigh to miami. curious for some do's and don't. it's a 22 hour trip, getting into miami the day before we embark. thanks in advance
  10. thank you sir. looking forward to our 22 hour train ride from raleigh
  11. anyone know the distance between the port and the train depot in miami?
  12. this will be my second cruise, and my parents first. they are unsure if they will even enjoy cruising. I know they will. Oasis is in the future, once EotS convinces my folks of how fun and relaxing it will be
  13. Hey all. Curious to know if there are plans to expand the specialty restaurant choices beyond just Chops. Also, what is the current 'broadway' style show being performed, and how long (months...years) do shows usually run for? Would love to see Wicked, Mama Mia, or Grease come to EotS.
  14. I have to amend my dates.... Now going Feb 6 thru 10. Still Enchantment. We get an extra day, and save over $100
  15. pleasure to meet you Bill and waaytooo
  16. I was a medic in the US ARMY. Can't say retired, because I wasn't in long enough. Dad is the NADEP retiree. I came out this way post divorce to help out my folks.
  17. Guess I should say hello. My name is Jeff. I hail from a small city in northern California called Suisun. (soo-soon) Currently residing in New Bern, NC. I Iove cruising. I love to cook too. Looking forward to meeting lots of you fellow fanatics.
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