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  1. Hi Jerel (fellow Canuck). I am certainly looking forward to sharing our polar bear and igloo stories. Do you think we could politely ask for some back bacon, "real" maple syrup and Timmies coffee with our breakfast? I would pack some poutine to share with our southern friends, but I fear it would be mighty gooey by the time we meet. I am interested in hearing more about the advantages of booking through MEI. How many more sleeps? Safe travels, Kathy
  2. Excellent! Thanks Matt. Now I am REALLY excited about the cruise and meeting the rest of the group. The itinerary looks like lots of fun. Can't wait! Kathy
  3. I will be in the N. Fort Lauderdale Beach area....acclimatizing myself to the warm weather!
  4. I am getting excited about my upcoming cruise on the Navigator of the Seas in February 2017. I understand that this is a Group Cruise and that several other cruise enthusiasts/fanatics will also be on board. I did not book through your designated travel agent, so does that mean I will not be able to participate in any of your planned activities? If not, I totally understand, but will endeavour to say hello if I encounter any bloggers. Let the countdown begin...
  5. I did a cruise to Norway in August and the scenery and ports were spectacular (the cruise line itself - Costa - not so much). The cruise left from Copenhagen (also a wonderful city) and went to Geiranger, Bergen and Kristiansand, Norway then over to Aarhus, Demark and onto Rostock, Germany. I took the cruise in order to see lots of places in a short amount of time, and not really for the "cruising" experience. All of the ports visited were interesting and there was lots to see and do. I did find things in Norway to be rather expensive ($20 for a small beer....yikes), but I really did not care because I could go back on the ship to eat.
  6. February 17 - Navigator of the Seas (Group Cruise, but not booked through your TA).
  7. I will be travelling on the February 17, 2017 sailing of the Navigator of the Seas. I made my booking directly with RC. I notice that this sailing is also one of your Group Cruises. Will I still be able to partake in the RCBlog activities even though I did not book through the designated travel agency? I hope I won't be missing out on any fun stuff! Thx! KK
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