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  1. Yay!!! Cruise embarkation day! Thanks for the pics, keep em coming!! Sorry about the slow internet, hate when that happens!
  2. Shocking news of the day... Carnival requires vaccine but Royal drops it. Who could've predicted that? Disappointing news for sure for myself and all other Loyal to Royal cruisers but let's see how this all plays out. I think Royal dropped the ball on this to be honest but we'll see...oh and that Carnival Mardi Gras ship don't look too bad...I got a feeling that Royal may reverse course... usually happens when there is a huge backlash from their loyal customer base. Michael Bayley (President/CEO of Royal Caribbean) said that 80% of their guests prefer to go on cruise ships that ARE vaccinated, so of course this decision makes perfect sense. LOL.
  3. Welp looks like this isn't the "Inaugural" sailing anymore...bummer... good thing at least they didn't cancel this 5-nighter leaving 11/15...prices for the July 3rd inaugural are crazy!!!!!
  4. Awesome!! It's almost cruise day!! Also a huge fan of Danny @ Harr Travel, no doubt the best at ship tours out of anyone I have seen. Can't wait to see this one!
  5. Safe travels! Looking forward to following along on your experience!
  6. I just hope they don't cancel or change the 11/15 sailing, 5 night sailing to Perfect day and Labadeeeee.
  7. Sounds like a plan! Have a wonderful time ? I hope Seattle delivers you beautiful weather during your visit!
  8. Also if you want a one of a kind view of Seattle, head to Kerry Park, which you'll see on the map I posted above ?
  9. Hi there! I have never stayed in a Hilton in downtown but I would definitely recommend trying to find one near all the action in Seattle downtown. Not sure if you're renting a car or Uber/Lyfting it but in red circle is where the cruise port is, in blue circles is where all the action is you'll want to experience especially if it's your first time to Seattle.
  10. It will be emotional for sure...getting goosebumps just thinking about it... I am getting a slice (or two, or three) of Vegetarian pizza @ Sorrentos!!!
  11. Exciting! It must feel so nice that you're only 8 days away! This one leaves from St. Maarten if I remember correctly? Looking forward to hearing about your experience! So happy that they got rid of the masks and social distancing stuff. That will make a world of a difference.
  12. I am still cruising because I am vaccinated but I would prefer to be around those who are also vaccinated, at least majority. You do realize that the media is just aching for some outbreak or something bad to happen on a ship that had unvaccinated people, and people will be like "told you to do vaccinated only"... no one knows how this will play out. People who choose to not vaccinate, that is up to them, but cruise lines have to assume the risk of bringing these types of people onboard. Why else are they vaccinating all their crew and want most of their passengers vaccinated? They are only doing these test cruises because kids can't get the vaccine. If there was a vaccine for kids under 12 right now, I can almost guarantee that it would be only vaccinated cruises. They should do vaccinated cruises and unvaccinated cruises, separately, and see what happens. Not to mention, being on a ship with unvaccinated passengers may increase the likelihood of more restrictions such as masks and all that. Fully vaccinated cruises as it stands now, no masks are required and barely any restrictions. Cruises sailing around the world that are unvaccinated, masks required with a bunch of restrictions. Pick which side you want to cruise on.
  13. I am disappointed that Royal Caribbean didn't go the vaccinated route. Forget the test cruises, I don't want to be on a cruise with people who aren't vaccinated, because the reason they probably didn't get vaccinated is NOT because of health reasons or religion or whatever. They are just anti-vaxxers and have all these dumb theories about the vaccine. Plus the risk is higher of an outbreak if you mix vax'd and unvax'd... it may backfire for Royal Caribbean and they may regret not going the vaccinated route. We will see. Luckily my next cruise isn't until November so hopefully things are better by then in terms of all this craziness.
  14. They should just start the test cruise on Freedom June 27th, make it a b2b2b @Matt!
  15. Love it!!! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/26/celebrity-cruises-announces-first-ship-sail-out-of-the-united-states-june-2021
  16. So much good news lately, love it. Moving in the right direction!!!!!!
  17. Can I assume that any cruise that is a "Test" cruise will be unvaccinated? And any cruise that is not a "test" cruise will be fully vaccinated? I will opt for the latter, thank you ?
  18. I may have to book a summer cruise too... and not wait for November... decisions decisions...let's see what happens!
  19. Not seeing any Ovation itineraries going to Glacier Bay National park? "Ovation of the Seas will also sail from Seattle, beginning in Auigust, and offer sailings to Glacier National Park, the Inside Passage, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska." https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/21/royal-caribbean-will-restart-cruises-alaska-summer-2021
  20. Sounds good!! I totally get what you mean with the terms haha it's been so long!! Well it must be excited to have a cruise booked so soon! I am tempted to book a solo cruise to Alaska but I got 3 other cruises booked later this year so not sure what I am doing yet! ?
  21. Yup, was posted on this thread here -- Odyssey can't catch a break! Hopefully only good news once she arrives in Florida --
  22. Hi Kathy!! I am not on this sailing but got excited to see your name back on the boards! Maybe you've been active but I just haven't seen the posts ? you'll be in my city in August! Maybe if you guys plan a meetup or something we can grab a drink! Cheers!
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