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  1. I guess, if someone has been on Allure of the seas the Western Caribbean the same route, that might know what side of the ship docks on, because I may change my cabin depending on the Answer.
  2. Hi all This may seem like a dumb question. I am going on Allure 5-15-16. I would have to look at my cabin to see if it's on the starboard or the Port side. We are going to to Labadee Hati, Falmouth Jamica, and Cozumel Mexico. Is there a certain side of the ship that pulls in the ports at these locations? And I'm really going to feel like an airhead, if I get the answer, the ship pulls in on the port side, at the ports. 😬
  3. I will definitely let you know.I will be starting a new thread in the General Discussion area of Royal Caribbean, making a post of my Daily Adventures. Kind of like a blog, but not a blog. I guess the correct area for members to write their reviews, Would go in the Royal Caribbean discussion area, with a new thread. I will be including pictures as well.
  4. Chris, Only thing I got so far, was the PayPal confirmation that I had put down a $10 deposit, is that the confirmation letter that you were talking about? Or is Mr. Shancho's actually going to send me something? Thank You for your help.
  5. lol!!! Great Picture!!! I Look forward to seeing your Comparison between the two places. Did you say, that you might be Periscoping from your cruise in April? If so, I will make sure to keep an eye out for those periscopes.
  6. Just Curious WAAAYTOOO, When in May, and what cruise ship? I am 5-15-16 Allure If you go before me you can tell me how it is.
  7. I just put down a $10.00 deposit, for myself, and hubby, to go to Mr Sancho's, when we are in Cozumel Mexico. I have never been to Mr. Sancho's before. I wanted to know, do I pay the balance when we get there? Any one that has been there, Opinions, as a must try when we are there?
  8. Awesome, Congrats!! I will get there one Day! 😉
  9. Haha!!! 😜 Great Song!!!! I guess I would not consider taking a cruise as working, so let me rephrase my statement..."Trying to get myself to Platinum level in the C&A, one Cruise at a time!!" 😉
  10. Sorry missed that somewhere. I am claiming a blond moment!!! 😳 We all Started Pre-Gold. I am still just gold myself with 15 points. I am going on my 3rd Royal Caribbean Cruise ship on Allure in May, and Booked another on Majesty in Sept. Trying to work my way up to platinum.
  11. Have you signed up for the Crown and Anchor Program? You can go to Royal Caribbean's site there should be a link for joining crown and anchor Program at the bottom of the page, or menu area. it is free. You can also call Royal Caribbean to join, that way they can attach your crown and anchor member number, to your booking number in June. If you join before your cruise, you're considered pre-gold, but at least you will get credit automatically after you complete your first cruise, because your crown and anchor member number is already attached to your booking number. I am taking my friend for her first ever cruise, in September. I helped her join the Crown and anchor society before our cruise on the Majesty.
  12. Yes, 🙂 That is the point I was trying to make. This is a very Awesome site, and a very good resource for those who enjoy cruising, and are addicted to cruising, like myself. (I like doing research for my Cruises), being more accessible on main page. I think would also promote, more people to post as well, when they are Pericoping, or to share information, if they know of someone that is Pericoping from a certain ship or area, like Billy scoping the ships pulling out of Port Everglades.(That was Great to watch)
  13. Yes I have heard that too. That there is a departure lounge for all C&A members. I think there is also a welcome back event for Crown and anchor members. I'm not sure if that applies to pre-gold however.
  14. What is your Periscope name fatbob? I will be interested to follow, as I am taking Majesty for the first time on Sept 26 2016.
  15. I Think you may have to complete your first Cruise First, to start the Benefits, like priority check in. I could be mistaken though, was 2006 when I signed up so don't remember. You can always call the Crown and anchor society. There someone there to answer any questions you have, 24 hours a day I think.
  16. Thank You Wilson. 😎 I started following, looking forward to your Scopes.
  17. Thankfully all of us who love Periscoping do Share with Each other, and our Friends that may not know someone else is scoping, but to have a special msg forum just for people to post where they are going to be scoping from would be cool too. 😎🛳⚓ï¸
  18. Hi Matt and Community. Not sure if this is ever been brought up before? I do see that there is a topic discussion under the people connect forum, a topic listed "periscope Peeps" I think it would be a great idea, if on the main page of Royal Caribbean Blog, where the different forum's are listed, like Excursions and such, if there was actually a message forum, just for Periscoping posts. That way, anyone interested in watching the periscopes, it would be much easier way for them, to find out who is Periscoping, from what ship, and when. Just a Suggestion however. I have enjoyed watching people periscope from different ships. It has inspired me to periscope, from my two upcoming cruises on Royal Caribbean, Allure of the seas, and majesty of the seas.
  19. Thank you! I do actually have a balcony cabin for this upcoming cruise on the Allure. I am also bringing my binoculars, to try and Spot Dolphins when we are Cruising, and the ports, when we pull in.
  20. Thank You very much. I am Super Excited!!!! This will be the largest ship I've ever been on. I have been on two previous Royal Caribbean cruises. Enchantment of the seas, and Mariner of the seas. I cannot wait to explore every inch of the Allure!!!
  21. Hello all My Name is Kathy, from Jacksonville Fla. I am a fairly new Cruiser. Have a total of 5 past Cruises. 1. Enchantment of the Seas 2006 2 Mariner of the Seas 2007 3. Carnival Sensation 2010 4. Carnival Fascination 2012 5. Caribbean Princess 2014 My two upcoming Cruises are 1. Allure of the Seas 5-15-16 2 Majesty of the Seas 9-26-16 When I am not Cruising, we go Camping in our RV. I prefer Cruising more however!! lol!!! 😜
  22. Going on Allure of the Seas on 5-15-16. I have enjoyed watching a Periscope from someone that is on Allure right now, so I will also Periscope from Allure of the Seas, May 15-22 âš“ï¸(periscope name, same as here)âš“ï¸ 2nd Cruise this year, bringing my Friend for her First ever Cruise, on Majesty of the Seas. 9-26-16.
  23. I did call Royal Caribbean today, and I have confirmed that during my cruise on September 26, 2016, Royal Caribbean will honor their offer to provide free Voom Wi-Fi Internet, to those cruisers, that booked before March 15th. I plan on Periscoping from this Cruise, so that is something I'm definitely going to need!
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