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  1. Any one have any suggestions on how I can find out if we will be visiting St Lucia? My itinerary shows we will be in port on Sep 20th but I have read this port has been changed at the last minute on some sailings with little notice.
  2. My wife and I will be in St Kitts in September of this year on AOS and am planning on renting a car. Our plans are to go to Brimstone Hill Fortress for an hour, Snorkel at White House Bay for an hour and then spend the remainder of the time at Cockleshell Bay renting some of the toys from St Kitts Water Sports. My question is are there any downsides to renting a car I'm not seeing that would make taking a taxi the better option? I am accounting for a total cost of the rental car at about $100 (Avis rental all in $60, "Island license" $25 and gas $15)
  3. As Elaine Benes would say, I'm very "careful with money" so it is tempting to put that $522 toward excursions but we have 3 kids under 5 so we only go on a week long vacation (trips without kids) every 2 years so I thought I would splurge on our first balcony. I have also done some more research and found that the port side will have the best chance of seeing the islands as you pull in and out of port.
  4. Hi, I'm going on Adventure of the Seas this September with the following ports (Sailing out of San Juan Puerto Rico, Philipsburg - St. Maarten, Basseterre - St. Kitts, St. Johns - Antigua, Castries- St. Lucia and Bridgetown- Barbados). What is the best side of the ship to be on? My goal is to be facing the islands as mush as possible while pulling in and away from the ports. I understand that the ship can dock different directions at each port but I would like to face the islands as we sail in and out of port. Thanks!!!
  5. Are top tier Crown and Anchor Society events worth going to if you don't consume "adult beverages". This is my first time cruising as a platinum member.
  6. On my cruise on Navigator on Oct 5th they are offering 20% off all day 1 specialty restaurants. Going to start the cruise right at Sabor for only $20 a person. I can almost taste the table side fresh guac! :D
  7. Thanks Jason and Don for the great info and quick replay!
  8. I read somewhere you can get sea sick meds at the pursers desk? Can anyone confirm this and advise iwhat they offer and if it works? Any other sea sickness advice is also appreciated. I got sea sick on the last cruise I went on so I'm going to need something. Thanks
  9. RCL recently sent me an email offering an upgrade to an ocean view for %50 off. I called them and they told me I had to go through my travel agent. Boo :(. After 5 days of waiting for my travel agent to get back to me I was told that for $35 a person I could get the new panoramic ocean view rooms on deck 12 of Navigator. An hour later my travel agent called me and said that I could only get a normal ocean view because the panoramic ocean view rooms were considered a "special" ocean view category and we're not part of the upgrade promotion. Long story but after talking to 10 people at RCL (the first 9 would not help because I booked with a travel agent) someone at RCL hooked me up and called my travel agent and changed my room to the panoramic ocean view room for only $70 when per the promotion it should have been $200.
  10. We are sailing on Navigator on Oct 5th and have My Time Dining. Is it possible to request a table for 2 as part of your reservation or do you just have to ask when you arrive and hope they can accommodate.
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