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  1. Worst customer service ever. I was transferred several times, disconnected several times, and told there is nothin V they could do several times. I made reservations for my son and I, along with my sister and brother in law for same time my time dining. I also booked all our shows at the same time. I had everything perfectly lined up. A week later my son and I were the only ones on the my time dining reservation. No show reservations were showing for any of us. I told them why would I spend a combined $7000 on a cruise to not be able to eat together? I see my sister once a year! They said it could be a glitch?! Unbelievable. So now I have to trust the 12th person I talked to to write an email to the department and wait back for a response? What a mess. I would prefer to just get a refund for the whole thing. Now I have to fight 6000 passengers for the spare seats in the shows? That was the whole point of me reserving early. Ridiculous customer service. And on top of that not one customer service rep I spoke with could speak clear English and I am pretty sure they were all together at a call center passing me around.
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