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  1. YES, just ask your room steward, when he comes to introduce himself, and he will get robes for you. P.S. Slip him a $20.00 for continued good service :-)
  2. We returned last Sunday from a Western Caribbean Cruise on Liberty. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. For all my worrying about drink prices and robes....it was an awesome cruise. I loved the ship and the service we had. The food was the best of any cruise we've ever been on. The ports were not all that I had hoped for but the ship and staff are awesome.
  3. We just finished a cruise on Liberty of the Seas, disembarking on Sunday, 3/6. We LOVED the cruise, and the ship, BUT....the pillows and mattresses were pathetic!!! The beds are hard as rocks. NO pillow top mattresses!!! The pillows were flat as pancakes! Absolutely no support at all. My husband and I both have special pillows at home and we were "hurting" with the lack of comfortable sleeping on this ship. I don't know how you are going to pack a memory foam pillow, but more power to you. I told RCL in my survey that they must put more new bedding on all their ships. This could be reason enough for us to not book with them again.
  4. What exactly is VOOM Internet? Where do you get it, how does it work? Is this RCL thing or is their internet different. I saw on a blog this was fast and only $15.00 a day. I got an email yesterday from RCL offering an internet pkg for $20.00 a day. Difference???
  5. Ha Ha cutest idea ever...fishes swimming fore & aft . Glad to hear Royal posts the day of week via carpets! Some days you need all the help you can get!!
  6. Totally Agree!! Sometimes it's the little things like on Holland they change the carpet every day in the elevators with the correct day of the week on them. Princess has a different color carpeting in the hallways for port & starboard. âš“ï¸ðŸ˜
  7. Princess does too. In fact if you ask your cabin steward he will exchange them for deluxe robes for you .
  8. Awwww you are too kind :-). No really I haven't given up on them before we even start....honest!! I am just use to certain things being certain ways and I kind of thought all the major lines would be the same on some of the basics . I fully intend to go on this cruise and have a WONDERFUL time😠Honest !!
  9. I just talked to our AAA travel agent who called her contacts to see if she could robes in our cabin for us & after talking to 3 people at RCL she was told no 3 times !!!! What a rip-off !!!!
  10. Ya know this is the "chintziest & cheapest" thing I've ever heard of on a major cruise line. I am shocked and appalled that complimentary robes are only for a select few!! WTH are they thinking??? If I packed my robe, that's all I could bring !! It's bad enough their drinks are $12.00+ now I find out no robes for the peons....even though they do have the highest class of balcony room. We are long time cruisers but this is my 1st RCL cruise & highly likely will be my last !!
  11. What, exactly, is a "Luxury" robe, as opposed to a non-luxury robe?? Just Curious
  12. Nowhere in the descriptions of the ships amenities can I find a mention of complimentary bathrobes. Can someone please advise me if robes are in the cabins upon arrival or if you have to ask cabin steward for them or they don't exist. Not that I have room to pack a robe, but they are nice amenities on Princess and Holland. We leave on Liberty of the Seas on 2/28/16. Thank you.
  13. YIKES I thought this sounded like fun and was going to download until I read the reviews where people are complaining of "Trolls", "Stalkers", and Porn. Many said they've closed their accounts until a better accountability is enacted. Guess I don't want to get involved.
  14. YES...Definitely!! Can't wait to hear what they have to say.
  15. DocLC: Wow that sounds like it just might work. Did you just get off the Liberty? Was this sold only onboard? Was it sold the day of Embarkation or was is later in the cruise?
  16. AGSLC5: Thank you for your reply. Personally, I'm not a drinker either but my husband and cruise buddies do like an occasional drink. For clarification, I in no way thought only this ONE ship, Liberty, had high drink prices. I too have cruised a LOT and know how prices on ships/lines work. You are right about one thing though...I have a feeling...although it remains to be proven...that we will go back to Princess in the future. I've never been on RCCL and that is why we planned the 2/28/16 cruise out of Galveston...to give them a try. I don't care for Holland American Line because of their dark decorating schemes onboard. All the ships we have been on are decorated in dark blue and gold...everywhere...and it's just to heavy and depressingly DARK. Also, the last cruise we were on with HAL, the dining experience was AWFUL!! So...we embark 2 weeks from today on Liberty and we will see how it goes.
  17. Does anyone have an email address to Customer Service or Corporate Office for Royal Caribbean?
  18. Would love to see comments from the current cruisers as to what they thought of the "NEW" Liberty of the Seas. This past week was her first cruise since refurbishment. What were your over all impressions of what they did? Had you cruised on her before and if so, what was the comparison? Did you use the new water slides? How was the food? Did they refurbish any of the balcony staterooms? Were the drink prices still exorbitant?? We leave on 2/28/16 Thanks.
  19. Would like to hear some comments from people just returning from Liberty's first cruise after her refurbishment. What did you think in general? Did you go on the new slides? How was the food? Were the balcony cabins refurbished? How did you feel about the EXORBITANT drink prices? We are leaving on 2/28/16.
  20. After doing extensive research, I have found that drink prices on RCCL are EXHORBITANT any way you look at it!!! On Princess, drinks, with premium liquors are $8.95 TOPS ... AND EVERY night they have a 2-FER in the Skyview Bar. As my husband said..."ONE and DONE". No more RCCL cruises for us BIG MISTAKE on my part for sure. I just HAD to try a different cruise line. Princess...we are coming home!!!!!
  21. Does a D2 Deluxe Balcony Cabin have a Sofa Bed?
  22. Liberty is on her Maiden Voyage right now since her refurbishment. I know they did a lot of work on the deck, water slides, etc. Does anyone know if they did any cabin refurbishments? We have a D2 category, Deluxe Balcony. I do think they added some cabins with floor to ceiling windows but no balconies?
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