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  1. 25 minutes ago, ChessE4 said:

    Yes and no.  The last time I sailed (fall 2019), it was a physical card, but the rules were that you put in your ship or sailing, so it was non-transferable.  That said, folks have gotten away with leaving the card blank and re-using it on their next cruise.  So it depends upon the barristas you encounter and your sense of ethics.  

    Standby for any comments from recent travelers.   We sail next week, but I haven't been told the coffee card will be loaded to my SeaPass.  I believe it will still be a card that is punched.

    Just got back Sunday.... its a punch card. And they use a sharpie to mark off the uses. 

  2. We just got off the ship today, Oasis 7 nights and got 2 cards, one for me and one for daughter.

    I got 13 mocha or caramel iced coffees and had 2 punches left. My daughter got at least 8 or 9 drinks from hers and only used maybe 6 punches... so there were cases of multiple drinks from 1 punch but never multiple punches for 1 drink! Not sure of the reason for that... 

    So.. we did not use up the drink cards and would be willing to send them to someone traveling Oasis in the near future. The cards have our first names on them and "OASIS" handwritten on them so they may or may not be accepted elsewhere. 

    Anyone interested, message me... I ll send them US mail to the first Oasis cruiser I hear from... just tell me what sailing you are on.

  3. We're getting the 1 device package and were wondering... can all of us just share the access by rotating the login password ON each of our devices, as long as 2 people don't try to use the access at the same time?

    SO, we aren't locked into one device being the interent access point the entire cruise?

    Thanks !

  4. 22 hours ago, Firefly said:

    Interesting reading other experiences after testing positive on a ship. Our experience on Indy was handled very well. After notifying medical that all 3 of us were experiencing symptoms they did a PCR test on all of us. When we all tested positive they escorted us to medical for a check up and then placed us in our new rooms. They had originally said we could stay in our original stateroom but I requested to be moved because we were in an interior room. They moved us to 2 connecting ocean view rooms for the final two days of the cruise. I would have lost my mind stuck in that tiny room with 2 teenage boys!! We had great communication with medical, guest services and room service. A doctor even stopped by yesterday afternoon to check in on us. We disembarked this morning and within an hour our contact on the ship even called me to confirm I received the email she sent containing copies of our  positive test results that I requested. It was a disappointing way to end vacation, but for us, it was handled very well. We were on the 8 night Mariner ABC cruise last week so that is definitely we’re we picked up the crud. It was pretty mild for all of us - like a bad cold with a light fever for less than 24 hours. I am almost feeling back to normal this evening. 

    So they are putting you in quarantine but was there any other accommodations (credit, refund for excursions or dining packages, etc) for cruise time lost? 

  5. We are on the 7 night Oasis with a stop for the afternoon at Port Canaveral. What excursions does anyone recommend while there? 

    We considered an airboat ride (30, min, 1 hour or 2..). One of the operators recommended to avoid anything longer than 30 minutes as the heat in the marsh in the afternoon gets to be unbearable. 

    Disney/Universal is at least 1 hour away...

    Kennedy Space Center is close by but they recommend a few hours there. We arrive around 1 and they close at 5. We thought about a rental car from the port up to Orlando or for the area but the cost of a rental vs what activities we can get to might be tight... 

    Any ideas?


  6. On 4/21/2022 at 6:30 AM, shof515 said:

    from what i noticed on a different cruise line, when Bermuda is during the middle of the cruise the cruise ship will do covid testing onboard the ship. They will usually tell you to go to xyz lounge or dinning room on a specific date for testing. then they will the forward the results to the Bermuda government.


    you still need to precruise covid test as part of the Bermuda travel authorization process

    We are planning on the 8 day to Bahamas and then Bermuda itinerary...and had the rug pulled out. 

    Can anyone confirm what they are seeing for Bermuda for onboard testing? Does the cruise provide the test at no-charge or is this an added cost to the passenger? What test do they do (PCR or antigen) ? The App says antigen but this is the only place it says this. 

    This is very concerning that the Bermuda requirements are JUST coming to light.. I found them accidentally buried in a link "Questions? ... the information I needed to complete on the APP do not show the need for this extra testing or the authorization form as a RC requirement to even get on board on Day 1....all it says is "pass the wellness check at the terminal" and "answer the health and safety questions the day before the cruise". NOTHING about Bermuda forms ! 

    I am 14 days from the cruise and just found out about the form.

    I was just on hold with RC now.. I reviewed what Bermuda posts for testing...it says if Bermuda is your first port (NOT OUR CRUISE) or if Bermuda is longer than 4 days away... (not our cruise either!) We are 4 days from Florida... so NOW WHAT? The Customer agent on the phone says I will have to escalate this to find out what you will need to do because you are 4 days away from Bermuda... I CAN'T be the first one to encounter this. 🙄

    She came back and told me the 2 day test prior to sailing should be sufficient.. SHOULD? 

    The RC site link to "View SetSail Pass" for my cruise says, 

    "For sailings that visit Bermuda, all guests 2 and older must complete a Travel Authorization form, upload their negative test results and pay an associated fee of $40. Be prepared to show a receipt of this form during check-in to board the ship."

    What if Bermuda does not get my form approved or does not get it back to me BEFORE boarding day? if I don't get my authorization approved by boarding day, will RC deny me boarding?? The RC rep said no... the website says differently... when I told the rep this she said, yes you are correct, she did not have that information...  The window to get approval from Bermuda seems to be no more than 2 days as I can't submit to Bermuda until I have my 2-day precruise testing complete. 

    Any HELP from anyone else who has done Bermuda ? 

    Thanks in Advance!


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