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    If your set sail pass says 11:00 and you don’t hear of any boarding changes from Royal, I would expect to board at 11:00.
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    I would use the one with the earlier boarding time printed.  What time does your app have on it when you click the person icon?   It shows your stateroom info and below that it should say "See you at 11:00am".  If it says 12:30pm then something is strange!
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    People always ask what to bring on a cruise.  Obviously, this will depend on the cruise (where) and your personal needs, but the attached has served me well for many years as a reminder of things to bring.  I typically do tropical, so some will not apply to colder regions.  I know this does not include everything and maybe you have ideas to add based on your experience.  Happy cruising!
    Cruise_Check List-dlt.docx
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