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  1. That’s it - gotta be in it to win it
  2. Just a spreadsheet I created keeping track of available rooms.
  3. And pretty much all the suites on my 4/17 sailing disappeared within a couple days. Do you think this is Royal Up being awarded? Do you think they take them out of inventory and allocate to future Royal Up awards? Or do you think this is D+\Pinnacle upgrades?
  4. So there aren’t 18 Crown Lofts remaining. I’ve been keeping track daily and something definitely happened today
  5. There’s only 15 left now… and isn’t 100% accurate but that is what shows if you go into making a new booking for that sailing.
  6. Could be holding out for last minute cancellations/those who cancel due to COVID results etc.
  7. Yes you can modify your bid
  8. For that sailing it looks like there are 2 Grand Suite - One Bedroom, and 1 Grand Suite with Large Balcony - One Bedroom remaining. Good luck!
  9. Yes this happens when you change stateroom categories. When you go back in to Royal Up you may have new suites available to bid on.
  10. I’ll be sailing on the Harmony on April 17th - right after your cruise. So please don’t wreck the ship… haha jk I hope everyone has a great time!
  11. I’m on Mariner on 5/6 and put my offers in last week. Try putting in your last name\reservation ID a couple times on the webpage. It’s glitchy.
  12. Both my parents and aunt/uncle are both D+ and get upgraded quite frequently. In fact my A/U are currently sailing on the wonder and were upgraded to an Owner suite from a Junior suite. However I will say they all travel quite often on complimentary offers from the prime membership in Club Royale - so maybe this is also a factor?
  13. Just gonna roll with the $1600pp on the Crown Loft. (18 rooms left) Also putting in the minimum bid of $1650pp for an Aquatheater 1 Bedroom (2 rooms left). Sailing is in 24 days - I’ll repost once I know more.
  14. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this happening. You either get it or you don’t… And if there are rooms leftover there are always Pinnacle and D+ cruisers to award upgrades to.
  15. Wanted to get opinions of those that have put in offers\had them accepted. 7 night sailing on the Harmony currently booked in a Central Park Balcony. There are 18 Crown Loft Suites still available to book on this sailing leaving in 26 days. Minimum Bid is $800pp and Max is $3,300pp. I was thinking of putting in a bid of $1,500pp ($3k total) but it is still in the “weak” range. Does this seem too high of a bid for so many rooms to be available?
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