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  1. Please, please dump CATS. I know it's a fourth running show in Broadway history but, No. 1, kids won't understand it and be bored, secondly adults will also be bored and don't understand it. Nothing to do with the cast, they were fine, it's just the play.
  2. Everything seems to be very crowded at the trivia and music, contest. Is this normal?
  3. If you I'm going to get the internet anyhow you might as well go for the key, it does prove really helpful in terms of getting off getting on and even getting seats at crowded venues. And thanks to whoever posted, unfortunately I forget where, that your milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are taken care of as part of your four drink a day Diamond package. I don't drink, so this is really been helpful. Question to passengers on the Oasis now, I have never seen the trivia and music games so packed. Is it me or is it larger than normal?
  4. I saw pooling of water but he is correct not all sprinklers on Promenade activated. I was able to walk from Spotlight Karoake to nearest elavators on that side and did not get wet. Middle seemed to get hit hardest but not the Johnstown flood.
  5. Was in Spotlight Karoake when it happened. Staff, who were great asked us politely to leave on the left. Staff were practicing parade on Deck 5. Here is view from Deck 6 before closed.
  6. Was one of the few people who did not go off the ship for Labadee, they were practicing their next welcoming parade on Deck 5 and the sprinkler system went off. My wife and I were just completing a trivia contest in the karaoke when it happened. We were told exit to left and staff was great.
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