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  1. 12 minutes ago, Jill said:

    I voted not worth it but then read your post lol

    I WOULD consider it for a long cruise, especially a TA. Several days at sea would equal more time in my cabin and the extra space would be nice.

    It’s also nice to possibly eat dinner at Coastal Kitchen. I probably would keep the bid around $300 p/p 

    Yeah would have done it initially for the points tbh, but than again the suite area on the ship looks nice and it’s a 14 days cruise so all in all might give it a try, nothing really to lose here 🙂 

  2. We have received an email for our upcoming transatlantic cruise (14 days) on the wonder to upgrade our stateroom with the Royal Up program.

    Is it worth it to upgrade for a junior suite or Sea balcony ?  We now have a park balcony so we are a bit in doubt.

    Does anyone have experience with it ? If in case you are upgraded to the Junior suite will your points get doubled as well ? (or quadrupled in our case with the double points offer)



  3. 36 minutes ago, PG Cruiser said:

    I'm sailing solo (as usual) and I have lot's of time to do recon work.  Ask me to find things out for you.  I like looking for details that other observers, podcasters, and vloggers don't talk about.  You want me to count outlets and ports in the room?  You want me to measure the shower enclosure, the sink?  For those details, I'm your man!

    Hi PG cruiser

    hope you are having an awesome time there ! 

    I was wondering on the inputs of the television in the stateroom and which brand it is.

    I imagine the remotes still don’t allow you to change the input ? Makes me think if a universal one would do the trick. 

    2nd question is if there are any European Power sockets in the room because it would make it much more convenient than all the plugs.

    enjoy your vacation to the fullest. We are looking forward to our transatlantic trip next month. 


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