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  1. So, if that's the case, if you used a Travel Agent, I'd give them a call. If you booked through Royal, you'll unfortunately need to sit in their phone system for awhile, but I'd still check to make sure. Unless, like @smokeybanditsaid, if it's a guaranteed cabin (one Royal picks on for you at a lower fare), the room may not have been assigned. If it were me, I'd still call for find out for sure.
  2. I never had an option to print them by themselves, but if you go to the page that has the "Plan my cruise" button, you'll see a thing that says "View more details" with the arrow. If you click it, you'll see your cruise documents. It's a big PDF. Inside there if a page with your luggage tags.
  3. What is your success rate on requesting this? I would prefer to have a table with my partner, so was going to ask once we board, but I'm just curious is it's more or less likely they'll be able to accomodate.
  4. As always, the risk with Royal Up, too, is you don't get to pick where it is. If your balcony is in a place on the ship you specific want, then you may get an undesirable new location in the Jr. Suite.
  5. It's amazing how much of large-scale construction is just moving dirt/sand around. They are putting in a new road near my house and for five months, all they were doing was moving dirt and flattening things.
  6. Yeah, I'm assuming my issue was because my vaccine card has WAG for the provider and whoever approves it didn't know that it meant Walgreens.
  7. How are the doors? Are they "broken in" yet? I heard many of the cabin doors didn't close unless you pulled/pushed them shut.
  8. i just bought a holder that someone else here recommended. Was like ten bucks for two. A lot simpler than making one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09H5M97D9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I do not believe the Windjammer was ever 24 hours. It's generally closed at like 9 or 9:30. The only place that's really open 24 hours is Cafe Promenade. As for being closed for lunch, it's probably for cleaning protocols. Even though lots of things are lifted, I would imagine they still close for a few hours to do a deep clean in between meal times.
  10. Yeah, there are services you can pay for that will proctor you while you take the test. It just comes included in the eMed one.
  11. I had an issue where my vaccine card kept being rejected even though it was perfectly clear. After multiple attempts, I then sent an additional picture of the vaccination record print-out from the pharmacy (I got mine done at Walgreens) and they then accepted it.
  12. The frustrating thing here is the fact they had to get an advocacy website involved to get this resolved. Companies are so quick to just assume the customer is lying that they never listen. They were fixated on this idea that the customer was trying to get a RoyalUp refund, but it was because they shouldn't have been charged for the bid in the first place. It even took multiple emails from that website for them to even grasp the issue. Just ridiculous. If a company overpays you, you can guarantee they'll get that money back by any means necessary, but when it's a customer who overpays, companies drag their feet.
  13. Well now I HAVE to try them. I love coconut.
  14. Okay so won't be able to use the machines until the cabin is ready. Oh well, there's still plenty more I can get!
  15. I have the refreshment package, do they hand you the Freestyle cup once you get on? Or where do you get that?
  16. How much do you actually need to gamble to get free cruise offers, out of curiosity?
  17. Yeah, like I said, I don't anticipate doing this unless I feel I can finish everything, but I've looked at the menu and there are definitely some nights that have two desserts I'll want.
  18. So, I've been wondering on what the limit is here. I know I've seen it mentioned that they'll let you order multiple entrees in the MDR, but I'm curious how crazy they'll let you be? Could you ask them for each of the main entrees if you wanted? Like, finish one and then keep bringing them out like a multi-course dinner? Or ask for one of every dessert? I know it's a lot of food and I very likely wouldn't do that, but I'm more curious on where the true limits are for things like that.
  19. There are numerous places you could comment your displeasure including emailing their support or contacting them on social media. I'm just saying, I've worked at companies that ask customers to do surveys. They're used to punish workers who don't get perfect scores. Management doesn't always use the best logic when it comes to that stuff. But, do what you think is best, I'm just letting you know that it will very possibly affect staff members who didn't do anything wrong.
  20. I'm not sure it's really fair to give a low score on a survey for something the passengers are doing. The staff are the ones who will be penalized when they have zero control over it.
  21. That's actually pretty standard from what I've read. You always get to know your wait staff in the MDR. Even before the pandemic hit it was like that from everything I've read. It's one of the things I'm excited for.
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