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  1. Hi all. I'm planning on treating my favorite aunt to an Alaska cruise in May 2017. As I'd like to book the cruise as early as possible, I'd like to know when Royal Caribbean will announce their Alaska cruise schedule for 2017. When do they usually announce their Alaska cruises for the following year?
  2. The Alaska cruise should be fun Matt. It'll be a totally new experience for my aunt and uncle and offer new experiences for me i.e. I'll get to see the Tracy Fjord glacier and visit Victoria, British Columbia which I've never been to. Lastly, I plan to fly out a day early and do a little sightseeing in Seattle before the cruise. Thanks for the info on the WiFi. I try to provide people who read my blog current info on that though it isn't as thorough as your Royal Caribbean blog.
  3. Thanks for the info. Matt gave me the specific information I was looking for i.e. Royal Caribbean hasn't finished upgrading all its ships to stem to stern WiFi. I am interested to see if their new Voom lives up to the hype. I've never sailed on an Oasis or Quantum class ship so, I haven't gotten to try it out yet. Floatme, I feel for you. My next cruise won't be until November 2016 when I do a shortened trans-atlantic cruise on Independence of the Seas. I'm doing it just to get the cruise points. Also, I will be doing a land tour of Japan April 2016 with a company called Globus. Thankfully, after I do my November 2016 cruise on Independence of the Seas, I'll be treating my favorite aunt and uncle to their first Alaska cruise May of 2017 out of Seattle. That should be a lot of fun. I did an Alaska cruise on Radiance of the Seas out of Vancouver and, it was awesome.
  4. I'd like to find out if Royal Caribbean finished its WiFi upgrade for all its ships where the WiFi is available shipwide vice at certain hotspots. I have a blog entry on this and would like to update it if they've finished the upgrade for ALL their ships. I know they were working on it but, I don't know when the last ship was to have this finished.
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