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  1. We got off Anthem on Friday. My wife tested negative on Friday, but positive on Saturday after feeling like she had a cold. I'm still testing negative with no symptoms.

    It's almost certainly attributed to the cruise, but we knew the risks before booking and wouldn't change a thing.

    This is the first time either of us has caught Covid, and that includes living in a house when my son caught Covid a few months ago. I think you have to try & get on with living your life as normal as possible (but I haven't always have that opinion). I think the effectiveness of the vaccine has allowed us that luxury.

  2. 25 minutes ago, Spang1974 said:

    In the UK they are still honouring it, with people confirming as late as this morning still receiving it. I unfortunately don't agree with sharing this promotion here or on social media as it's not available worldwide and if I was USA/Canada based I would be very upset, just my opinion.

    There is always going to be disparity between pricing and offers in different countries (and the UK is usually on the rough end of it).

    Is it fair that the drinks package today is $73.99 in the US (at current exchange rates that's £62) compared to £71.05 in the UK?

    On the respective US & UK homepages at this moment, in the US there's 30% off for all guests & kids sail free. In the UK we have reduced deposits & kids sail from £99.

  3. My wife noticed an offer on the Deluxe Drinks Package that was posted on a Facebook group. This is for European sailings of 5 nights or above and represents a huge saving.

    The offer is only available on Live Chat and although the offer advertised has expired, Royal Caribbean have extended it.

    Today's price is £71.05 pppd, but if you contact Royal Caribbean on Live Chat they will add it to your outstanding balance at £40 pppd (in fact it's slightly under, as the cost per person for the 7 night sailing is £275)

    Drinks Package.jpeg

  4. I made a booking on Friday & was told this is possible.

    Our original booking was for myself, my wife & my son. My son has now decided not to come with us so it's just the 2 of us.

    I was told I just need to get my son to email Royal Caribbean giving authorisation to transfer his credit either onto our new booking or as a future credit for me or my wife.

    I don't know if this is a UK policy only though. The email address I was given was the general UK customer service email.

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