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  1. I really enjoy Chops more than any other of the others available. I always eat there and I take my two grandsons with me. It is our favorite place.
  2. Did you get a future cruise credit or refund? I am canceling mine in the morning. They had better not give me a hard time.
  3. I am supposed to be sailing on the Harmony Jan 9. I have decided I am going to cancel. I have read that production shows are off, ice skating, and other activities. I believe also the kids club is closed. I don’t have kids with me on this cruise but I do have another cruise in March so I will have to keep my eye on that. Also how they move you to the third floor to some cabins if you should become positive. I am sailing with a first time cruiser and I have decided I am paying all this money and not getting what I wanted them to experience. I also just read Tom’s review who had a child testing positive. This cruise was taking the place Of the cruise I had to cancel last March because of Covid. I booked with my travel agent but lately you can’t even get a live agent. I am going to try RC this afternoon. I love cruising so much this is such a disappointment but hopefully this will ease up. Nancy
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