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  1. I'm all for doing my part to protect myself, my family, and my community and we've been relatively strict on following the sensible things, masks, vaccines, and the like. Truth be told we debated our upcoming cruise at the end of January a touch after seeing the CDC statement, however, it made no sense IMO. I have kids in school, I'm certain there's more risk in that than a ship with clear guidelines and requirements which is more than the schools here currently have. We have been waiting for this break for sometime now and unless things really take an unexpected turn we've decided not to change plans.
  2. Hello, jumping in to this quite thread. Hoping the year went well, as much as it can considering, for you and your gf. My family, husband and two children, are still planning to attend this booking, this will be our second cruise though the first with RC, our last was a DC. Hopefully everything works out and we are still able to enjoy this cruise.
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