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  1. Hello Everyone Does anyone know if you have to have to take a covid test to return to the US from Puerto Rico? We are both fully vaccinated. Thanks
  2. I have had this cruise booked since January of 2020. Covid came and everything went to heck. I am on the 30th Of January 2022 Explorer Of The Seas. Got a awesome deal back when I booked. My problem in a nutshell. We wanted to go stay in San Juan for 3 days prior to cruise. Coming from Dallas Texas. If they do the pretest for 3 days we can barely get it here before leaving (Late Flight). If it comes down to 2 or before boarding here is our dilemma. If for some reason god forbid we test positive the day we leave Dallas we can still cancel and almost everything will be refundable. If we leave here and get in San Juan and test there either in San Juan or before the ship boards and again god forbid we test positive we then have no cruise, no hotel to stay in and no way home?? I don't know if I am willing to take that chance. Any thought from anyone? Thanks
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