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  1. Thank you, I needed to hear that people have used that test type for reassurance!!
  2. Oh thank you so much!! So you took the Rapid ID Now not the Rapid Antigen and that was ok. Sorry just double checking because as I said I got different answers from Royal. Thank you!!
  3. When going on CVS/Walgreens website they offer 3 different Covid tests, PCR, Rapid Antigen and Rapid ID Now. Rapid Antigen test is hard to find in the location I will be in. I saw on Q&A section on Royal’s website that they show after scrolling down on Covid test question that they will also except Abbott ID Now Covid test. Has anyone taken that test for their cruise?? I’m very stressed and confused, when I called Royal to clarify this I got different responses.
  4. I know Royal Caribbean wants us to get a PCR covid test or a rapid antigen test. I am seeing that it is hard to find locations with Rapid Antigen. I saw today on the Q&A section on Royal Caribbean website, after scrolling down that they say we can also get an Abbott ID Now Rapid test. When you go CVS/Walgreens they offer all 3 of these tests, very limited locations offer the Antigen one though. Has anyone gotten the Rapid ID Now test at either of these pharmacies for your cruise?? I just want to make sure that test will be accepted. I’ve called Royal a few times and I am getting different answers.
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