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  1. Several people on the Nov 7th cruise have checked in within the last 2 days. But just as many people including myself still says unavailable both online and on the app. My big question still is - Do we have to do excursions through Royal with children under 12?
  2. I don't think they will cancel. We got our edocs including luggage tags on Oct 8, just at 30 days to sailing. But we still can't check in.
  3. We are waiting too. Nov 7th cruise out of Puerto Rico and still don't know what's going on. If we have to sign up for Royal excursions to get off the ship we will be cancelling. (we have children under 12 in our party) Hard to make plans. I guess the longer they wait maybe a better chance for better changes?
  4. I'm hoping they send out the protocols for November/San Juan soon. We have 3 children under 12 and wondering if they are going to still require you book excursions through Royal if you want to get off the ship. I know that's the rule through October. It won't be the same and could get very expensive with 9 family members in our group.
  5. Anybody booked on Explorer of the Seas out of San Juan on Nov 7th? Haven't heard a word from Royal on check-in or any island protocols or updates.
  6. My son's came regular mail, no signature required. No email, no notice.
  7. HI; My son's passport had expired. He sent the old passport and required paperwork in on July 6. NOT expedited. It arrived on Aug 13! Not bad. Also my son-in-law's passport is due to expire in Sept. He sent his in expediated and it took about 3 weeks from start to finish.
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