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  1. 11 hours ago, crabkitty said:

    So, I lied. We were upgraded to a Junior Suite today, for our 8/22 sailing. We bid the lowest possible amount on the Junior Suite, and got the upgrade! Will be the first time that either of us have been in something other than an interior room.

    Awesome! Yesterday morning our GTY interior stateroom was assigned (only 3 days out from sailing), In what I would consider a “not ideal” location— right next to the card room directly under the arcade ?.... seriously!?!?!? Fast forward 2 hours when our royal up bid was accepted for $20– one happy camper here! 

  2. 14 minutes ago, crabkitty said:

    I just spoke with them and they told me that there are no guarantees. When I first spoke with them, they had no idea what email I was talking about. I forwarded it to them and they let me know that excursions may be full before we even get on board.

    I'm having them call me back, because it's very weird to incentivize people to book AFTER they're on board. That's very different than RC of the past.

    Also, glad to see another passenger on our ship!

    Glad I’m not the only one confused! I guess I’ll keep what I have, and go with the flow once onboard...

  3. Received attached email today regarding a much-needed upcoming trip. Was made aware of need for RC excursions for Italian ports a few weeks ago, and have already purchased for 3 ports. It seems they are planning on offering them onboard at a deep discount (now stating 50% off of on-board prices). The first Italian port is on day 4 of the cruise. If we arrive and find our excursions are eligible for the discount, will I still be able to cancel my current res and re-schedule? Is cancellation 48 hours prior to the actual excursion port, or starting port?


  4. Hello! Thoughts on booking shore excursions now vs waiting for onboard booking? The email update suggested a 20% discount on certain excursions booked onboard, but doesn’t list them. Many I would be interested in are now listed as a “pre cruise deal” on cruise planner— but doesn’t mention the actual discount percentage.


  5. Hello! New to cruising, so I’m hoping this isn’t a silly question. 
    Heading to Barcelona for a jaunt on Harmony 8/22. We were recently notified that Italy is requesting all guests attend RC sponsored excursions to disembark.  Despite this little hiccup, we are still very excited—  we all deserve a little R&R after this past year! 
    The email alerted discounted on-board prices for excursions after embarking... however it seems that we can still pre-book on cruise planner.

    My questions—

    1. Is capacity limited on excursions (ie will we chance missing out on our first choice ex if we do not pre-book), 

    2. Are different excursions advertised on board as opposed to what is showing as available online, and 

    3. Someone with a crystal ball, what should we do?

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