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  1. Question for those that have sailed (or are sailing now) on Ovation? I have My Time Dining and made reservations in the MDR for 7 pm each day. But now I see that most of the game shows are at 8 pm and I don't want to miss these. For some reason I am now unable to modify these reservations. Do you think I will be able to change once on board or do you suggest I just show up at the time I want and possibly wait for a table? Also will anything change in the daily planner with regard to offerings or times? Thx.
  2. Thank you for posting. Just saw a vlog about this and hope to make it to the bar just for this so I can say I had it!
  3. Watches all the videos and will definitely say hello if I see you!
  4. Thanks so much for all the information. I am not as worried about dining because they require negative COVID test (even though I guess I can get it on the flight to Seattle!). Hope to see the rest of your YouTube vlogs (loved the cabin tour) and I hope to see you on the ship (if I do - drinks on me!).
  5. I am not any class. Basically first Royal cruise. Booked MDR most nights (My Time Dining). Only specialty dining is Chops for lunch and had no problem with booking (although I don't have a dining package so maybe that's the difference). I assume that MDR will be much quieter. Good luck with your UDP.
  6. Thanks. I made dinner reservations a month ago. Shows cannot be booked until on the ship (I assume) because they are not on the app. You would think that with 50% capacity or less this would not be an issue. Bummer about North Star and iFly. These are attractions that made me want to book RCCL. Will just have to make the best of it and thank goodness it will be beautiful scenery!
  7. I was getting the same error. Yes cache is clear. Tried today and no issues. Was able to reserve specialty dining. Must have been a brief. glitch on RCCL website
  8. Question. How do you add your "photo" to the Royal app? I used to see this but cannot now. Is it because I am already checked in or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks.
  9. @JT anything to report about the cruise? Thanks.
  10. Question. I've read that you can bring soda or water on Royal ships at embarkation. Can someone please confirm? Thx.
  11. I am not a fan of the buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I really hope that there will be options other than buffet for breakfast and lunch plus I like the ambiance of a dining room. If I am required to pay gratuities then I want to be waited on and not have to carry my own food.
  12. I just received notice of cancellation for all the lunch reservations I made in the main dining room. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Does this mean they won't be serving lunch in the dining room? Thanks.
  13. I will let the more seasoned Royal guests respond to confirm but I've been doing a lot of research on this. It is free for the "short" version (I believe it just goes up and down) but that if you want the "long" ride (which goes out over the ocean, etc.), then it costs $$. I also believe that you can book the "short" free version once onboard (same for go karts if they are running, iFly, etc.) but am not sure exactly when it is operational (port vs. sea day). Hopefully someone else can give more information and I too would be interested in doing this for free.
  14. Thanks for the information on the YouTube channel JT. I just subscribed and am looking forward to seeing the content on your upcoming cruise on Ovation so we can get an idea of what it will be like for our cruise on the 27th.
  15. I am not thrilled either and quite honestly very disappointed. This is our first real RCCL cruise (I did a mini-cruise to Bahamas with my sister over 5 years ago and it was not a good experience) and I chose RCCL because of the ports (didn't want to go to Ketchikan) even though they were more expensive than other lines. I also agree with JT about vaccinated customers and really didn't know why they still have a mask mandate while no other line is doing it on a FULLY VACCINATED cruise. I am flying in from the East coast and need to find some place that will do the test before we leave as well (and get results back in time). We both work full-time and now have to figure out how to get tested in advance and get results (very stressful) on top of driving 2 hours to the airport and then flying 6 hours to Seattle. Heck I have more of a chance of getting COVID in the airport or on a plane and think they should do testing at the terminal. I wonder why they aren't requiring testing for vaccinated travelers on the cruises out of Florida (which are not vaccine required). The ONLY reason I got vaccinated is because I knew it would be required to travel and thought by doing this cruise, and thereby staying in the U.S. the entire time, it would be different than if we had chosen to do an international cruise. Also, what if the test comes back positive (I guess insurance kicks in but need to check with my TA on that)? I guess we just wait and see what happens and make a decision closer to sail date. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for all of the excursion advice. Going to take a look at Alaska Shore Excursions tonight. The problem is that we've been to these ports before so I am trying to find something different. No matter what it will be a great time (and since I am coming from the east coast where it's been like 90+ every day for over a month I am looking forward to the cooler weather).
  17. Trying to keep a good attitude but two excursions booked through the cruise line, and two excursions cancelled. One was because the time changed (not sure why they just didn't move me to the new time since the excursion is still bookable), the other I do not know why. I called RCCL excursions and they were not helpful at all (giving them the benefit of doubt since I assume everyone is new). Any information on excursions NOT through the cruise line would be very much appreciated (I am hesitant to book anything through RCCL now since refund is taking 30+ days - RCCL owes me over $1k (a lot of money) and I am not sure when I will get it). Thanks.
  18. Hello all, I am relatively new to Royal (one other cruise) and have been reading this thread. I too am disappointed about the mask mandate since this is an all-vaccinated cruise (although with the Delta variant?!). I was also thinking of cancelling but Alaska needs our support. We are flying in from the East on the 26th and then spending an extra day in Seattle after. We were in Alaska in 2014 so plan to do some different excursions this time. Looking forward to our first "real" vacation since COVID.
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