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  1. Good to hear, me and the family have 2 balcony rooms on the same deck in June. Same room as u but on the other side of the ship (10326, 10324). We are looking forward to it
  2. Lol, so it takes 2 weeks for their systems and/or IT department to catch up and figure stuff out. Well I have time, My cruise isn't until June 2022. Allure of the seas btw.
  3. That might be a link to the issue. They probably didn't qa their updates against records with credits.
  4. Do you have cruise credits? I am asking to see if there is a link. Troubleshooting, something that royal needs to do more of.
  5. Do you have onboard cruise credits? I am asking to see if there is a link there.
  6. All, desktop, laptop, Chromebook, and mobile. In addition, I used 3 different web browsers. Chrome, edge, and opera
  7. It's anyone else having issues accessing the cruise planner? I switched my cruise, and since then when I go to the cruise planner it automatically goes to another page starting that my cruise was cancelled. I called and they asked me that it wasn't and there's an issue with their systems. It's very annoying as I cannot keep a watch out for charges in excursion and onboard activities pricing, not to mention other issues with their systems.
  8. Does the 3 night dining package include lunch or is it just for dinner options. example, if i wanted wings at Playmakers for lunch and wanted dinner at Chops, will both be covered if performed on day?
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