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  1. So excited for this one!! Oasis is our favorite ship!!
  2. Cruisin and Boozin, can i ask which Genie you will have for Feb 6th week? We have Alan I believe.............
  3. Question for anyone currently sailing on Ovation? If possible, can you take a picture of La Patisserie menu? Do they still have pastries and chocolate for sale (macaroons)? Hopefully still have coffee and hot chocolate?
  4. John, Did they announce the positive cases of Covid on August 13th Alaska cruise? I noticed on the CDC website that Ovation changed from GREEN to YELLOW, which usually means crew or passenger tested positive? Just curious.............doesn't change our plans for this coming Friday. We can't wait to cruise!! Ovation of the Seas Restricted Yellow CDC has started an investigation.
  5. We just checked in for Oasis Sept 26 and got check in time. Also tried to check in for Nov 7th, 3pm was only time available to choose. Very strange.............
  6. We got the email for being selected Sunday afternoon. Awaiting next email for more information. Think we have been selected for one of two test cruises. Either Oasis out of NJ or Liberty from Galveston (guessing Liberty since we live in Texas). My wife enrolled in the Sweepstakes in the first hour of it being open. We are Diamond Plus, but I believe everyone gets same 12 chances from what i understand. Hope we were selected for the 4 day test cruise from Galveston. The other test cruise conflicts with us flying to Seattle for Ovation August 26th.
  7. We are onboard Sept 26th cruise as well!! Really looking forward to Oasis. Have not been on Oasis since the amplification/update.
  8. Ovation of the Seas test cruise starts today from Seattle as well? https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25485-royal-caribbean-s-ovation-gets-cdc-approval-for-test-cruise.html
  9. Thanks for the heads up JT!! We just checked-in and got 12-1230 time as well. We can't wait for upcoming Aug 27 cruise on Ovation. We cruised on Ovation from Seattle in Aug. 2019 with my 82 year old father. Alaska was on his bucket list, his first trip (and ours) to Alaska, was his first cruise as well, he even agreed to use a wheelchair due to his COPD. We had an incredible time, memories to last a lifetime. He passed away in December last year, so glad we did the August 2019 Alaska cruise. We are cruising with my wife's parents on this cruise. One of our party will be in a scooter, due to mobility issues. Really bummed so many of the Juneau excursions are closed for 2021 (Seaplane, 5 glacier and Taku Lodge was amazing). Looking forward to reduced capacity since we will have someone in a scooter. Planning to spend a lot of time in the room and on the balcony (especially with mask requirement indoors). Plus it's a very long walk from elevators to back of ship on deck eight. This will be our first cruise since March 2020 when we sailed on Symphony of the Seas. So ready to cruise!
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