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  1. How bad is the noise in an ocean view room under the casino on Oasis (deck3)? Friends on first cruise just realized they booked under the casino and are worried about late night noise.
  2. Well everyone has made me feel a little better and maybe the threat of vaccinated people having to wear a masks out of FL will push a few more towards the Bahamas sailings
  3. Matt mentioned on his live a little while ago that the 6/19 sailing has only around 900 passengers, this makes me nervous that I’m going have yet another cancelled cruise (one I thought would be more definite) I’m scheduled on the final sailing out of the Bahamas September 11th, do you think they can continue these sailings at 1/3 capacity?
  4. Makes me nervous that my sept sailing won’t happen, can they continue these sailings at 1/3 capacity
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