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  1. Thank you for the input. I delved a little deeper into the RC website and see that they accept the rapid antigen test. I’m kind of surprised that RC is taking the rapid antigen test as it is my understanding that those can result in false negatives. I was assuming they would want the PCR test and everywhere I looked no one would guarantee results in 72 hours (Rite Aid said “2 to 7 days,” CVS says “1-2 days*” the asterisk being if the lab wasn’t to busy. Who knows what it will be like in a month). Anyway, my local CVS does the rapid test, and I can make an appointment 2 weeks out. Yay! Thanks again for helping me navigate the wonderful world of COVID testing. I have managed to not be tested up until now (I have been able to work at home and although my husband works at the airport he has been extremely careful). Going to do whatever it takes to get on that boat in October ?
  2. I’m looking into scheduling the pre-boarding COVID testing and no where local will guarantee results in 72 hours (all they will say is results in 2 to 7 days). Has anyone who has recently sailed had proof of vaccination but not gotten pre-boarding test results in time? I’m wondering If we have proof of testing but not the results will we be given the same options as if we tested positive (although all things being equal, I just want to get on the darn ship). There are places that will guarantee 24 hours, but the nearest to me is a 3 hour round trip. I’m just wondering if it is worth taking more time off work.
  3. I get horribly motion sick, have sailed out of NYC once and had no issues. Of all my cruises (which admitted at 5 is not that many) I only had an issue with sailing out of Alaska (and then only for about a day). The stabilizers seem to operate as advertised.
  4. Thank you! I did not know this. This works better for us as the 4 PM departure was going to conflict with the end of the Eagles game (although, let’s be honest, the Eagles are playing Chiefs, the game will likely be “over” way before 4 PM). Thanks for the sunset info too. I was going to try a schedule dinner for 6:30, but I think I’ll put it off a bit.
  5. We purchased the unlimited beverage package for our October cruise. I’ve read that if the price goes down we can return and repurchase. However, when you look at the cruise planner it doesn’t tell you the current price, just that it has already purchased. How will I know if the price goes down?
  6. The Alaska Pure Sea Salt store on Lincoln St in Sitka. They look to be open. Great selection, and I think a great souvenir to take to someone (I mean, who really wants a t-shirt from somewhere they have never been?). If you check out their website, “what our customers are saying” is what my husband wrote after we visited 2 years ago (although for some reason it’s in my name ?). We also had a great lunch at the Ashmo food truck. I don’t know an address but they were on the way to the salt store from where the cruise ship bus dropped us off. My daughter still remembers their salmon Mac n cheese! And, we ate outside ?. And the raptor center depends on visitors & donations, so if your time allows stop by. They do good work & the presentation is interesting. We didn’t do an excursion in Sitka, but did ALOT of walking. We toured the totem poles in Sitka National Historical Park. We were there is August, and somewhere along the trail you cross a bridge and see all the salmon trying to swim upstream. Literally wall to wall salmon. So cool. We exited out of the back of the park and walked to the raptor center. After we toured the facility we walked back into town and found the food truck and the salt store. Next door to the salt store was a place that had jewelry and other artsy objects from a variety of artists. I don’t remember what it was called but I got some very nice earrings there from an artist based in Seattle. Really nice selection. I loved our Alaska cruise, loved all the ports (Juneau, Sitka & Ketchikan). Enjoy!
  7. Thank you! Giovannis is back on the schedule ?
  8. So over on the Facebook RC dining group someone posted a new menu for Giovanni’s on Freedom of the Seas. The response in the comments was pretty positive, but I’m really disappointed. I was looking at GiovannI’s as upscale Italian that I have to go into Philly to get, the posted menu looks like the stuff I can get at my neighborhood pizza place. We are sailing on the Oasis of the Seas in October and right now the cruise planner shows the more upscale menu I was anticipating, so I guess my question is is it likely they will change the menu over the whole fleet? It is my husband’s birthday the day we embark and he wanted to go to Giovanni’s (he loves Palo on the DCL and the Giovanni’s menu reminds him of that menu), but if it’s going to be the new menu I’m thinking we will be reconsidering our options. Thanks!
  9. I hadn’t even considered that our fancy dress clothes wouldn’t fit. We definitely put on the COVID 19 (or 20, or 25). We have a family wedding in August so something has got to fit by then or we are going shopping, I’ve been slowly taking off the pounds since mid-January, and I’m about 10 pounds away from my cruise goal. As is usual for women, I keep plateauing and am lucky if I lose a pound a week. My husband lost 25 by Easter ?.
  10. ? OMG, if you knew my husband you would know he wouldn't be caught dead outside the house in torn jeans and a cutoff T. The other night my son's girlfriend was coming over and my husband's reaction was no one told him and he was too casual. He was wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt that didn't even have pit stains. We assured him he looked fine and that she wasn't coming to see him anyway. But then again, I never saw his father without a tie until after I married his son, and even then he would apologize to me for being so casual. He is his father's son. I don't know if I can even convince him to not wear a tie to CK on formal night. But then again...if I "forget" to pack one.... I won't even buy $50 jeans if they are not on sale! I never did understand people buying ripped jeans and paying good money for them, the jeans are just going to rip eventually anyway!
  11. I’m over dressing up on formal nights (well, more like over having to packing dressy clothes). As we have access to CK, can I just plan to be “dressy casual” on those nights and eat there?
  12. I really appreciate everyone’s responses. I’m totally overthinking this whole beverage package thing. Honestly, I’m not heading up to the Suite Lounge during the day, I’ll happily pay for a drink at whatever bar is closest. I’m just trying to figure out if the beverage package is a good value for us. The best deal I’ve seen so far is 30% off, and for my sailing that takes it to about $51. I’m struggling to determine my “break even” point. I mean, I feel like I don’t drink that much alcohol (although I did manage to down 5 glasses of Prosecco at my nephew’s wedding) and I don’t drink soda. But, I do appreciate good coffee (i.e., not McDonald’s, not Starbucks, my sweet spot is Wawa if you know it), sparkling water, the aforementioned Prosecco (what can I say, I have a thing for bubbles) and convenience. Like I said totally overthinking this. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go update my “Pros & Cons of Purchasing Deluxe Beverage Package”spreadsheet ?
  13. Thank you, when I search "Suite Lounge" here and on line I get much better results. Great tip! Thank you for the input! I'm putting your convenience argument into the mix ?
  14. Hi there! First time RCL cruiser and I have so many questions. Let me start with this one: We are going to be sailing on an Oasis class ship, and will be in a grand suite. I thought I saw somewhere that in addition to drinks during happy hour, there will also be wine/beer/hard cider available throughout most of the day. Now I can't find that again. Did I dream it? Still trying to decide if we need a deluxe beverage package. I just want all the "facts" before making this very important decision ?
  15. We'll be there! (The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, of course ?). This will be our sixth cruise overall but the first one on RC, and the first one without the kids. We had planned to sail to Bermuda out of NY on Disney in October 2020, but, well, you know. We had hoped to do that this year, but Disney is not resuming that sailing until later in October and we are not flexible. RC might be our second choice, but looking at the website, you tube, and this blog, I'm getting excited!
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