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  1. If you read between the lines, you PREPAY for your cruise. Now, someone told me that was doing a B2B2B2B that the prepay was a real money saver for her!
  2. Let's say you get assigned a category 4B early in the process. Can you then move to another B4 if you see a better cabin location?
  3. Quick in the sense that your are 50 feet from the testing area to the ship, yet it feels 10 miles away. You know someone is going to flunk the test and you just hope it's not you and your party. We came in same day, so it was a lonnggggg time to get to the gangway.
  4. I was on the December 5 sailing. You should be fine. PCR is to enter Barbados. The quick(?) antigen test is given dockside to enter the ship.
  5. We're all checked in, but the testing requirements is driving everyone insane.
  6. 51 days to go. Still very little information about this cruise. With five of the seven stops currently listed by the State Dept. as level 4 - Do Not Travel, It's tough to research tours and things to do on each island. I'm sure some of the independent vendors would love some tourist dollars but it's tough to commit with so little to go by. Are we at the point 'Heads we sail, tails we don't'?
  7. We booked awhile ago and looking forward to some new locations. Maybe getting this back on the first screen will help others join.
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