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  1. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Has RC been given approval by the CDC to cruise out of port Canaveral?
  2. I was feeling optimistic about 4th July Allure. Now not so much.
  3. I wonder if the Freedom of the Seas is the only ship they have submitted to the CDC?
  4. Thanks Matt. I watched the video yesterday and was still a little confused by the wording. Yesterday I told my husband about my confusion. And that I wanted to hear Mr. Fain say, yes Chuck and Marianne you and your family will be crushing on the 4th of July. Lol. I guess all we can continue to do is wait and see. Thanks for your work on this website and Vlog.
  5. Good morning. I was watching the live blog this morning (from last night) Matt said that that the first cruises will be to Alaska. I don’t see any before the middle of July. What do you think this means for the 4th of July out Florida cruises?
  6. We have a cruise booked on the Allure for the 4th of July. Our son and his girlfriend are supposed to come with us. If she can’t come does anything know that f we can do a name change?
  7. Does anyone think that RC reads these posts?
  8. We have 60 days to go for our cruise. The 4th of July on Allure. We have a back up plan. My son and is girlfriend have started new jobs and don’t know what dates to give for vacation requests. I say if you are going to cancel do so people know how to plan their lives. Not fair to the consumer.
  9. We took the future cruise credit for our March cruise. Now it doesn’t look like the July 4th is going to either. So please just cancel it so I might be able to use some of the additional money spent on the new cruise so we can do something else!
  10. Today is 90 days to our next “cruise” and the app says check in is closed. Any ideas?
  11. I am thinking they will cancel after the sale they have going on right now ends (3) days. So, when they cancel are they still offering the 125% for FCC? And could I use that in May?
  12. I have a reservation for the Allure 7th of March. Really want to go, but I think they are probably going to cancel like every one else. We have picked out another cruise for May if this one does cancel. I can’t book because the money we would use is tied up with the March trip. And of course the May cruise is higher. Thoughts?
  13. Has anyone heard if (beyond the skeleton crew)crew members have started to board ships yet?
  14. We are on one of the first cruises. Keeping our fingers crossed March 7 2021, on the Allure.
  15. My family and I like to shop in the ports and have some lunch and head back to the ship. We don't usually go on any of the shore excursions. With the cruise bubble, does anyone have an idea if this will be possible?
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